Wednesday, January 06, 2016

January 6, 2016 Bible Study – Isaiah 32:1-20

Today’s Bible study is Isaiah 32:1-20.  After many chapters warning of coming judgment, God proclaims a promise.  He will provide a king who will rule the nation with righteousness.  This may be another of Isaiah’s many promises of the coming Messiah.

  1. What is the main point of this passage?  Verses 1 through 8 provide a break from all the previous judgment prophecies.  The promise of a righteous king could be and probably was a reference to Jesus.  Verses 9 through 15 return to the judgment prophecies because of immoral behavior.  God foretells of specific destructions to come, which we know from history did happen.  It’s possible verses 16 through 20 describe what life would be like if the nation had godly leadership and the people behaved with morality.
  2. What does God reveal about Himself?  He desires leaders to govern with godliness, righteousness, and uncompromising moral excellence.  America has only known evil dictatorship for the past 7 years.
  3. What insights can I apply to my life?  Regardless of the immoral and ungodly culture surrounding me, I choose this day to submit to the righteous governance of Jesus by His Holy Spirit and to walk in holiness (moral excellence).  If I allow Him to govern my life, it doesn’t matter what the lawless president does or doesn’t do.
  4. How can I use this passage to honor God?  It is important to live in obedience to King Jesus.  The president is just a man who will go the way of all flesh.  I pray he surrenders his life to Jesus before it is too late.  Unfortunately, his behavior indicates that he is ungodly, unrighteous, and an enemy of the Holy One of Israel.
  5. Where is God working in my life today?  I pray that God will provide godly leadership.  I wonder if the woman at ease described in this passage is HRC.  She deserves to go to jail for the rest of her life.
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