Saturday, January 30, 2016

January 30, 2016 Bible Study – Isaiah 53:1-12

Today’s Bible study is Isaiah 53:1-12, a passage, which God used to help me learn about the first coming of Messiah, Jesus.  I do not understand how anyone cannot see Jesus in this portion of scripture unless Almighty God has chosen to blind the person.  Because of my Jewish upbringing, God used this passage to help me understand that the historical Jesus was and is my Messiah and the Holy One of Israel.  Personally, I am glad Isaiah starts this passage with a question.  In many ways, it is still the question for all people for all time.  “Who has believed?”

  1. What is the main point of this passage? In verses 1 through 3, Isaiah describes Messiah as one who grew up among the people.  Messiah did not appear to be anyone special.  In fact, we all despised Him at one time or another, even if we did unknowingly.  In verses 4 through 6, the prophet declares God’s plan for the suffering Messiah and how much He would endure for our salvation.  In verses 7 through 9, Isaiah provides greater specificity so we could recognize Him.  He describes events beyond Messiah’s control, such as how He would die, and what would happen after his death.  Finally, in verses 10 through 12 God declares that Messiah would receive a reward greater than we can comprehend for His obedience, even unto death.
  2. What does God reveal about Himself?  He will go to phenomenal extremes to save humanity from their sins.  He gave Messiah to bear all of our sins.  It does sound unbelievable.  His ways are beyond human reasoning and logic.
  3. What insights can I apply to my life? This scripture was foundational for Jesus to save me.  He directed me to this passage before He revealed Himself to me and this chapter helped me choose to follow Him.
  4. How can I use this passage to honor God?  I pray I never devalue what Jesus suffered for my salvation.
  5. Where is God working in my life today?  Father, I am grateful You sent Jesus to suffer and die to pay my sin penalty.  Today, I choose to serve You with my whole heart, my whole soul, all of my strength, and all that I am.  You alone are worthy of all my trust.  Blessed be the name of the LORD, Jesus.

Father, I am appealing to You as the Supreme Judge of the Universe.  Millions of my fellow military and civilian personnel who have served to defend America see Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) getting away with an abuse of power, criminal negligent mishandling of classified information, and malfeasance, which resulted in the death and wounding of many.  I understand this passage demonstrates Your mercy for all including HRC, and You want me to show mercy to others.  But, she is behaving like she is above the law of our nation and worse above Your sovereign authority as King of the Universe.  Father, please bring her to justice.  Maybe, if she loses her liberty, she will come to repentance before You; so that her soul might be saved.

Thanks for reading and praying.            

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