Saturday, January 23, 2016

January 23, 2016 Bible Study – Isaiah 47:1-15

Today’s Bible study is Isaiah 47:1-15.  In this passage, God gives His people insight into the cultural attitude of Babylon.  As you read these passages, think about America’s cultural attitude.  Is it any different?

  1. What is the main point of this passage? In verses 1 through 7, the prophet proclaims that Babylon will suffer for her mistreatment of God’s people, Israel, held in Babylon’s captivity.  Also, Babylon’s sensual culture believes it will last forever.  God intends to teach the nations a lesson through Babylon’s destruction.  The attitude of Babylon’s culture (and America’s) is exposed in verses 8 through 11.  Specifically, God reveals their heart attitude when He states what they say about their self-worship, verses 8 and 10.  “I am, and there is no other besides me.”  Self-worship is nothing new; however, American Idolatry seems to take self-love to higher levels.  This character trait is one God dislikes.  In verses 12-15, God challenges the Babylonians to use their idols, sorcery, and black arts to prevent God’s destruction of the nation, or heal and restore it after the dust settles.  Mankind is arrogant to think mere humans can intervene in God’s actions.  I’m watching northeast storm reports and I’m amazed how many people tried to beat it and now find themselves stuck in their cars on closed highways.
  2. What does God reveal about Himself?  He demonstrates that He knows what will happen long before it does.  We know from history verse 9 was fulfilled.  Babylon fell suddenly and it never rose to greatness again.
  3. What insights can I apply to my life? I need to be careful that I look elsewhere for answers.  God alone knows, sees, hears and holds the answers to all life’s issues.  I must look to Him alone.
  4. How can I use this passage to honor God?  America is a modern version of Babylon.  America practices the evils identified in this passage, and more.  If America falls, and I believe it will, I must choose now to not defile myself with the luxuries of the land.  I’m no monk that has taken a vow of poverty, but it is too easy to allow this culture to invade even my thought life, by what I read, watch on TV, or see in the movies.  If I am to be useful for the LORD, I must depend on Him alone.
  5. Where is God working in my life today?  I am grateful for God’s Word.  Politics is not the answer for America.  Almighty God is our only hope.  Today, former New York City, billionaire Mayor Bloomberg, the strictest gun control politician in the nation, has indicated his desire to run for president.  Progressives seem to be gaining on all fronts regardless of party affiliation.  I can’t believe Hillary is allowed to walk the streets.  She has violated security laws with thousands of compromised classified documents, even those above TOP SECRET.  If I had compromised one during my 35 years of service, I’d have been prosecuted.  Why is she above the law?  Once again, I have to leave this in God’s hands.  I’m sure He has plans for the queen of this nation who behaves like she believes she will last forever, like the queen of Babylon.  But please, LORD, don’t expose her nakedness (verse 3).  It won’t be pretty.
Thanks for reading and praying.

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