Friday, April 29, 2005

Why Do the Heathens Rage?

Good Morning: Last night I watched and listened to President Bush’s press conference. I heard clear messages regarding very tough issues. I understood his plans. Yet immediately after the broadcast, the Democrats started twisting the simple message raising doubt and suspicion. I have determined that the Democratic Party should be re-named the Accusation Party. As I listen to their unreasonable accusations, I am convinced that the only reason why these issues are hard is because the Democrats have chosen to make them hard. I know that Jesus died for their sins too, but they seem to love their sinful obstruction behavior more than anything, probably even more than their own children because by doing nothing they pass a financial burden to their children and grandchildren that they themselves are too selfish to address. God’s Word is true that the sins of the fathers pass to their children, their children’s children, even unto the third and forth generation (Exodus 34:7, Blue Letter Bible).

Bible Study, Nehemiah 9:16-25
What is the main point? The Children of Israel worshipped God repeating a summary of what they learned as a result of reading His Word. In this passage they continue from their recollection of how God delivered them from Egypt to the way God provided for them as they wandered forty years in the wilderness. They recognized how their ancestors rebelled against God, but they declare God’s grace and mercy, which is stronger than our forefather’s disobedience.
What does God reveal about Himself? He demonstrates that His grace and mercy is beyond human ability to comprehend. For those who have been redeemed, we recognize His great gift of love, but we really don’t understand what manner of love exists that can shower such lavish affection on us who are so unlovely.
What insights into my life? I know that I do not deserve God’s grace and mercy. I am a sinner. I desperately need my Savior, Jesus, to take control of my life by His Holy Spirit this day. I am so grateful that He paid the full penalty for my sin. I want to demonstrate thankfulness throughout this day.
How can I honor God with this information? I will praise and exalt His Holy Name today. I will remember what He’s done for me. I will proclaim His grace and mercy in the marketplace.
Where is God working today? God has sent us a Spring-snow storm that has slowed us down today. I love God’s intervention into our plans. It is a way to remind us that He is God and as much as we would like to control our world, we cannot.

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