Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Amazing Grace

Good Morning: If not for the grace of God, none would be saved. I am often asked, “Saved from what?” I am grateful that my savior, Yeshua (Jesus), has saved me from my own sins that cause me to do harm (even unknowingly or thinking I’m “doing good”) to others and my offenses against a Holy God. The longer I live, the more I realize that I am incapable of godly behavior unless God lives His life through me. Yeshua has done this impossible work for me and today I have a new opportunity to agree with Him and let Him transform me a bit more into the man He is making me to be for His purposes.

Bible Study, Ezra 9:1-15
What is the main point? God’s people can and do fall into the trap of sinful behavior. Ezra demonstrates a Godly response to the nation’s condition. Instead of joining transgressors or pronouncing judgment, Ezra prays for the people. He acknowledges their sin and petitions God for grace and mercy.
What does God reveal about Himself? He is faithful to keep His promises and He seeks our cooperation in His plan of redemption. In this passage, He shows us that He will listen to our prayers.
What insights into my life? Clearly, I live in a nation that has forsaken God in similar ways as described by Ezra. As the leaders of Israel led the people in sin, many of our national leaders encourage irresponsible sinful behavior and disguise it as protecting civil liberties. They clamor for a voice shouting freedom, but don’t realize that they are leading people into the bitter bondage of sin. Regardless, Ezra didn’t pronounce judgment against his people but asked God to extend His grace and mercy. I will do likewise, but I often wonder if it is too late.
How can I honor God with this information? I pray that God will bring a revival to the United States of America. I ask You, Holy Spirit, to move across this land to encourage people to think about their ways, consider that their sin offends a Holy God, that they need to repent, and that they need a savior, Yeshua (Jesus).
Where is God working today? I pray that I will not be judgmental of those who are trapped in the slavery of sin, for I could fall even this day. Therefore, I ask God to set them free from their bondage and deliver us all from evil.

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