Sunday, April 10, 2005

Whiter than Snow!

Good Morning: I haven’t been able to post any messages for a couple of days. My technology tools failed me for one, and then life got in the way yesterday. Today, it is snowing and we have already had power spikes that indicate we could be shut off very soon. I hope I can finish typing before we loose power and I loose another day (or more) of posting Bible study messages. When struggles begin like these this passed week, I wonder if God doesn’t want me to spend the time writing for Him, or if the devil is fighting me. I am committed to press on and consecrate this work to Him and trust that God is able to divert my energy if this is not His will.

Book Review: I finished “Love & Respect, The Love She Most Desires, The Respect He Desperately Needs,” by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, published by Integrity Publishers, A Focus On The Family, Book, 2004. You can order this vital book by clicking on this Love & Respect link. I have read dozens of books and articles, listened to many more messages either in church, recorded media, or radio and television presentations on marriage and husband/wife relationships. I served as the Chairman of the Board for a ministry (Positive Solutions for Marriage) dedicated to strengthening spousal relationships. Also, I perform research for LifeQuality International, a ministry dedicated to helping people live balanced lives, which teaches marriage team building seminars. So, I have committed most of my 32 years of happy-married life to serving God in His institution of marriage. But, this one book is all that any couple needs. Dr. Eggerichs has unveiled the Biblical keys to what will make a marriage successful and one that glorifies God. I give this book a “Must Read” recommendation for anyone who is married, or wants to become married. If husbands and wives will apply the lessons learned in this single volume, if they have a bad marriage it can be turned into a good one, and if they have a good marriage, it can become even better.

Bible Study, Psalm 51:1-19
What is the main point? This passage is an honest prayer. It demonstrates the importance to be honest with God and myself when I pray. The truth is I am a sinner and God knows the depth and breadth of my sin, I do not. I pray for honest behavior everyday according to verse 6.
What does God reveal about Himself? He never turns the repentant man or woman away. On the contrary, He is pleased, and I believe very pleased, with anyone who honestly admits to Him their sin and desires for Him to cleanse them from it.
What insights into my life? This is a good prayer to frequently use when I need to re-connect with my maker. It is a good prayer to use on those days when I don’t know how or where to start praying. When I don’t feel comfortable praying out loud, this is a good Psalm to simply read out loud speaking the words as mine, and then I let His Holy Spirit do His cleansing work. He sets me free.
How can I honor God with this information? I want to live each day with an attitude that pleases Him. It begins with being honest before a Holy God, confessing my known sins to Him, letting His Holy Spirit search me and expose the unknown sins, and then surrendering to His cleansing work to set me free from all sin. I must also remember that there is nothing I can do to remove my ugly, wretched sin from myself. Only His redeeming work (the brutal, cruel suffering and painful crucifixion Jesus endured) is sufficient to pay my sin penalty.
Where is God working today? I pray that God will do such a complete cleansing work in my life that I will reflect verse 7, that I will be so sin free so as to be whiter than the snow that is falling today. I wonder what that would be like to be that free in this life. I long for that freedom and I know that Jesus died for me so that I could have that liberty in Him.

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