Monday, April 11, 2005

Prepare For Future Service.

Good Afternoon: I am so grateful for the snow we received yesterday. Here in Colorado, we need all the moisture God will send us. He does take care of His creation, and He takes care of His people.

Bible Study, Ezra 8:24-36
What is the main point? Ezra appoints and dedicates the high priests and prepares them for temple service.
What does God reveal about Himself? He is our protector. He protected the exiles from enemy attacks and ambushes. I’m sure we’ve all experienced a “close-call,” and hopefully realized that God protected us from catastrophe. I wonder how many times He has protected me from harm, and I didn’t even know about it.
What insights into my life? I can trust Him to keep me safe and use me for His purposes.
How can I honor God with this information? I can live with confidence balanced by a greater need to walk in humility before a Holy, righteous God.
Where is God working today? As I prepare for some major events at work, I need not be afraid. All I have to do is go and watch God Work.

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