Monday, May 02, 2005

Thank God it’s Monday

Good Morning: Thank God it’s Monday. I do like saying that phrase because I believe God called me to the market-place-missions field. Also, my wife, Mary, and I just completed a very busy weekend. After being filled up with energy from Christ, it is good to come back to work.

Last night, our church, Faith Bible Chapel of Arvada, Colorado, completed its 27th Annual Israel Awareness Day. This is always a significant event, but this year it was even more special. Dennis Prager was our guest speaker last night. His national radio show can be heard locally on KNUS AM-710. Dennis gave a clear and stirring message that should be heard by everyone who cares about the future of both Israel and the United States of America. If Dennis presented a prepared speech, I couldn’t tell. It appeared to me that he spoke from his heart. I am grateful to God Almighty for sending Dennis to our church and for presenting a strong reminder that the awesome respect of God, our Creator of the Universe, is the beginning of wisdom (Psalms 111:10 & Proverbs 9:10).

Bible Study, Nehemiah 9:32-38
What is the main point? The people completed their long re-statement of Israel’s not too lovely history. I think they recognized the consequences of sin on a national and personal scale. They also proclaim God’s faithfulness. Most importantly, they chose to make a written contract with God declaring their commitment to follow His commandments (verse 38).
What does God reveal about Himself? He is the promise keeper, compared to none. His great goodness is more than anyone can comprehend.
What insights into my life? I do not understand why He continues to bless a selfish, rebellious person, such as myself; but He does, and I am so grateful that He has always cared for me. One of the reasons why I write this daily journal, I see God working in, on, and through my life. His great love is too wonderful to adequately express; however, I will continue to declare His kindness so long as He permits.
How can I honor God with this information? I choose to obey His Holy Word this day and I will declare His truth unto all people.
Where is God working today? I can see that the times of the gentiles are coming to an end. The Children of Israel, no matter where they reside, are becoming more and more connected to God. Soon, and I think it will be very soon, God will remove the temporary veil He has placed over their eyes, and they will become a force for Godliness in the world that has never been seen before.

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