Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Second American Civil War

Good Afternoon: Our nation embraced a philosophy that we refer to as “Freedom of the Press.” Lately, we need a new amendment calling for freedom from the extremely liberal world view single-minded, despotic major mass-media press. This humanistic religious body appears to be above the law. Through the power of their words and images, they caused the death of innocent people and then they hide behind the cloak of the axiom stated above. Who holds them accountable? I know that God is keeping an accurate record and He sees the evil intent residing deep in the hearts of these people who wish to destroy the last beacon of hope for the world. I wonder if those that understand America’s purpose have a duty to engage in a Second Civil War to throw off the self-proclaimed elitist despots who want to control our minds and lives, and reduce our nation to just another European, stand for nothing, country.

Bible Study, Hosea 7:1-16
What is the main point? God explains the reasons for executing judgment upon the people of Israel. Their leaders, both political and religious, plot and perform evil deeds in the name of God, defaming His character among the nations. Also, they abuse the people, and turn to the other nations for help, instead of turning to God. They are disloyal to God, they scheme in secret, and God will expose their hidden evil. Not much has changed. I see similar parallel issues today with many of our governing officials and religious leaders.
What does God reveal about Himself? Nothing is hidden from Him. He will bring into the light of His great love, the wickedness hidden in darkness, so that we, who think we can hide from Him, can and will have many opportunities to repent of our evil intentions and return to be cleansed by the One and only Living God.
What insights into my life? I must always live in the light of God’s Holy Truth. Where can I go to hide from Him who loves me, knows everything about me, and always watches over me? King David asked the same question and concluded that even if he descended into the pit of Hell itself, God would see him even there.
How can I honor God with this information? The media leaders of this nation seem to think that they control the hearts and minds of the American people. They appear to actually want the destruction of America because it stands for: Liberty, a nation under God’s divine authority, and a country where many can become one people. If any of these key ingredients are missing from our culture, we cease to be the land of the free. I pray that God will move across this land by His Holy Spirit and convict us of our desperate need for Him to govern our hearts and minds. I choose to stand for His truth. If we don’t stand Him, we will fall for anything.
Where is God working today? America is at a crossroads. We can see how God pled with Israel to repent. I believe God is pleading with the American people to repent, to turn away from our wickedness, and turn to God and be loyal to Him and to each other.

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