Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Return of Jesus – Fact or Fiction?

Good Morning: I have been thinking about Jesus’ return more than usual lately. I often wonder if this is His Holy Spirit providing a simple reminder that one day the rapture of His church will be a historical fact, or if He is reminding me of my responsibility to be ready. Maybe, it is a combination of the two. I am grateful for passages of scripture that show us that God transcends all physical properties, including time. His Word is trustworthy, proven by approximately six thousand years of recorded history.

Bible Study, Hosea 3:1-5
What is the main point? God speaks to the Children of Israel through Hosea. He foretells what their lives will be like before God completely restores them to Himself. This very brief description reflects contemporary Israel. For example, they occupy some of their God promised land, but their peace and national sovereignty are constantly threatened. Furthermore, they have to barter pieces of their land in exchange for security. This seems like extortion to me. Also at this time, they have no king or prince, they have no temple or articles of worship to perform the required sacrifices. In many respects, they are trapped within their own land, free to live under the constant threat of Palestinian terrorism, but never free to worship God as commanded by His Holy Scriptures.
What does God reveal about Himself? He loves His people even when we show contempt and disrespect, or even outright hatred towards Him.
What insights into my life? I do not understand His love. I pray that I will never take it for granted. I depend on Him everyday, but today I need His direction to address a specific challenge at work that has caused me personal distress. I need to pray and place the situation into His capable hands. I also need to allow His Holy Spirit to search me and reveal to me any wrong attitudes I do not see so that I can repent. Then, I need to wait for Him to provide guidance whether or not I am to take any action. I do not want to take matters into my own hands because I will make the matter much worse.
How can I honor God with this information? I know Jesus is returning soon. This passage of scripture is a reminder of the signs of our times. I believe these personal tests are provided to cleanse me of my hidden sins and to help prepare me for His appearing. He promised to make His bride ready for His return and the soon approaching eternal wedding. I must surrender to His preparation process.
Where is God working today? My work team needs guidance. I need to seek God for His wisdom to help them stay on task, to clearly understand our objective, and to be encouraged to finish our obligations.

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