Thursday, February 18, 2016

February 16, 2016 Bible Study – Isaiah 65:1-16

Tuesday’s Bible study was Isaiah 65:1-16.  Have you ever read a passage of scripture many times and for some reason you just can’t seem to get what the Holy Spirit is saying through it?  It is as if Almighty God has chosen to reveal the full measure of His meaning here at some future time and maybe to a future generation.  Consequently, my answers to my standard questions will be brief and unfortunately lack substance.

  1. What is the main point of this passage? The best I can see in verses 1 through 7, God is going to reveal Himself to the gentiles, which He has through Jesus.  But it also appears He intends to judge some of the gentile people at some future time.  We know from history, He has destroyed many gentile nations that have mistreated His people.  In verses 8 through 12, God declares He will preserve for Himself a remnant of people who will serve Him.  However, to those who forsake Him, they are destined for judgment.  I wonder if this applies to many Americans who reject Him and mistreat His children (both Christians and Jews).  In verses 13 through 16, God declares His reward for those who serve Him.  In verses 17 through 25, God foretells of a new heaven, earth, and Jerusalem.  The past will be forgotten and His people will rejoice.  His people will build houses and live in them.  They will eat the produce of the land, and their labor will not be in vain.  He promises to hear and answer their prayers before they even ask or speak.  What a glorious day that will be?
  2. What does God reveal about Himself? He has a plan for a glorious future for all people who love and serve Him, who allow Him to purify them by His Holy Spirit. 
  3. What insights can I apply to my life? I hope I will live to see this passage completely fulfilled.  Regardless, if I do not see it on this side of glory, I’ll see it when I enter the joy of His Kingdom.
  4. How can I use this passage to honor God?  I do not have to understand every passage God has ordered to be preserved in His word.  But I can choose to trust Him.  He has a plan for His creation and He is executing His plan for His purposes.  I choose this day to trust Him for what He will do today, and all of my tomorrows.
  5. Where is God working in my life today?  I began my new, part-time job, which I believe God has ordered for me to perform.  I am asking God to fulfill in me verses 22 and 23.  He will bless the work of my hands and my labor shall not be in vain.  Amen!
Thanks for reading and praying.               

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