Monday, March 07, 2016

Amendment 69 – “ColoradoCare”

Some have asked me where have I been?  Why haven’t I posted any articles lately?  They want to know if I am, okay.  Nothing is wrong.  I have been busy.  What have I been doing?  I learned about a potential amendment to the Colorado Constitution.  If approved by a simple majority of Colorado voters, it will create a single-payer, government-controlled, health-care system.  It will force all Coloradans under burdensome taxation and the iron-fisted rule of unaccountable, mastermind-state regulators and bureaucrats (see: The Plan, or 9-NEWS article).

Amendment 69, or “ColoradoCare,” is currently “flying under the radar.”  Through the petition process, the secretary of state certified the needed signatures and approved the proposed amendment, adding it to the November 8, 2016, general election ballot.  I have called and knocked on doors, speaking with hundreds of Colorado citizens.  A handful of people have heard about this amendment, which shall fundamentally transform Colorado into a Canadian or English style, socialist-health care state.  When registered voters grant me an opportunity to talk with them, they are both surprised and shocked what this amendment shall do to them, robbing them of their hard-earned personal wealth.

Another thing I have noticed as I walk neighborhoods and encounter socialists, young and old, they are well versed in the salient points of ColoradoCare.  It seems they have been well prepared for the pending, emotionally charged political battle.  They tell me this system will take care of all Coloradans health needs with no concern for its negative economic impacts.  When a socialist system claims it will, “Take care of its people,” they eventually, “Take care of,” – eliminate – them.  Leftists refuse to examine the historical evidence, which repeatedly demonstrates that all socialist health-care systems result in diminished care, lower-grade providers, fewer medical choices for patients, longer waiting periods to obtain needed procedures (see VA Scandals), and rationed services.  Uncaring bureaucratic-designed system protocols must be followed or else doctors shall not be paid for their medical services, even if obeying the dictated steps may cost the patient’s life.  This all stems from the founding ColoradoCare philosophy – “Treat the society as a whole rather than the individual patient.”  Once again, we see their Saul Alinsky ideology in action – “The ends justify the means.”

Obviously, I support economic freedom and choice.  When the government acts to remove personal choice, it better have a an overwhelmingly-compelling reason – something like Imperial Japan’s attack of Pearl Harbor or Islam’s September 11, 2001 and 2012 assaults.  All other takings deserve to be challenged, severely.  My prayer to Almighty God is this: please inspire Coloradoans to read proposed Amendment69 (the entire 12-page document is linked here, ColoradoCare), understand its long-term implications (IndependenceInstitute analysis), and vote their conscience, accordingly on November 8, 2016.  My hope is that voters will choose liberty over ColoradoCare’s un-American, mastermind-utopian ideology.

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