Saturday, May 28, 2016

Why Will I Vote for Donald J. Trump?

Why not?  My reasons may not align with others but here goes.  Our future president, Donald J. Trump is strong.  He could not care less if he makes enemies both foreign and domestic.  The domestic ones are mostly freeloaders anyway.  The Federal government needs to be cut, drastically, maybe as much as 50% for some departments and 100% for others, such as the TSA.  Unaccountable Federal bureaucrats are bleeding out productive taxpayers.  They need to be fired.  They need to seek and hold real jobs and become legitimate taxpayers.  Mr. Trump is tough.  He can stand and declare, “The day of the free lunch is over.”  He will unshackle American business, which will open job opportunities.  I don’t care how needy someone is, it’s time for them to get off their jeans challenged behinds and get a job; even if it’s one Americans don’t want to do.

As a student of war, the best commanders never disclose their plans.  I am happy that foreign governments and enemies (including the progressive left) are, “rattled,” as stated by the current occupier of the White House.  Many of these have expressed their commitment to doing Americans harm.  I have studied Islamic tactics both professionally and personally for over 37 years.  The Islamic world will put our next president to the test.  They have no regard for women.  If HRC is elected, they will hit America hard.  Either they will drag her into another prolonged war, or her lack of response will be perceived as female weakness and they will attack Americans with greater lethality.  With a counterpuncher like Mr. Trump, they will probe first.  He promises to hit back with overwhelming force, the only language barbaric savages understand.  Maybe when they see that the false god, Allah, cannot protect them, they might choose to seek The One True Living God, Jesus.  I pray they obey His command to repent of their sins and be saved, as I did 45 years ago.

For Christians who are concerned with Mr. Trump’s tone, we are electing a president, not a pastor.  The president swears a solemn oath to defend the United States Constitution, which describes how we, the citizens of this republic, have chosen to govern ourselves.  The president is not attempting to win a personality contest, or be selected, “Miss Congeniality.”  I do not expect him to be anything more than what he is, a hard charging businessman who knows how to say, “You’re fired.”  If he has to be tough to protect America, so be it.  I want a president who will establish a vision.  Mr. Trump has stated a clear, simple, obtainable, overarching objective, “Make America Great Again.”  Liberal Progressives talk about progress, but they never explain to where their progress will lead.  By their behavior they have demonstrated a path toward global-socialism.  I want a president who will protect, not surrender, our national sovereignty.  I want a president who will bring an end to the soft invasion of people who have no desire to become assimilated Americans or see our experiment in self-government, America, succeed.  Their behavior indicates they are working hard to make sure America and Americans fail.  Unfortunately, the Progressive Left has joined with those forces that intend to do America harm.

I’m tired of the left telling me to, “get over it,” and abandon my principles.  I am a person who holds fast to a biblical worldview, which includes traditional values regarding life (including that of the preborn), liberty, marriage, family, and fixed gender differences.  If I disagree with the left’s revealed ideas or their undisclosed progressive agenda, how am I supposed to get over it?  Why should I be forced to get over it or punished for holding fast to a different point of view?

I have many more reasons why I am, “For,” Donald J. Trump, too many to address in a simple blog post few will read.  However, I want to ask additional questions for further consideration.  What if Almighty God has brought Mr. Trump to the presidency for such a time as this?  What if he is God’s answer to the prayers of over a hundred million believers who have for decades begged God to bring an awakening and revival to our nation?  What if he’s the man to restore law and order after years of lawlessness?  Wouldn’t it be statesman-like if he followed the example of our first president, George Washington, and rejected the executive salary and designated those allocated funds to US Veterans?  What if he is, dare I say it, God’s anointed American leader?  If so, what happens to those who come against God’s anointed vessels?

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