Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Why is Hillary Above the Law?

Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) claims her use of a personal e-mail account for conducting classified State Department business was a mistake.  A mistake?  Isn’t it a sin against all Americans and ultimately God?  Should she ask the American people and The Almighty for forgiveness – something she proves by her behavior she’s incapable of doing?  Regardless of whether or not she seeks and obtains forgiveness from God, she should face the consequences of her actions for putting our nation at great risk, which is unforgivable.  The Department of Justice (DOJ) must prosecute HRC otherwise lawlessness wins.  Why did she commence disciplinary actions against former Ambassador Jonathan Scott Gration to Kenya for using his personal e-mail account for conducting official State Department business (Office of Inspector General Report ESP-16-03, May 2016, page 41)?  He reported to her and she attempted to punish him, but he resigned.  Isn’t this an act of hypocrisy?  Why does her former ambassador suffer while she runs for the presidency?

HRC has tried to counter-tag Donald J. Trump (DJT) with the moniker, “Dangerous Donald.”  I love it and I hope it sticks.  I want DJT to be dangerous to the enemies of America, both foreign and domestic.  HRC has proven by her behavior she will place personal interests above national security.  If anyone has shown to be a domestic terrorist, she has.  Her cavalier attitude toward protecting American lives caused the death of four honorable Americans in Benghazi, Libya.  She lied to their surviving family members saying the attack was caused by an anti-Muslim video.  She knew it was a planned Al-Qaeda assault and she failed to send help – but frankly at this point what difference does it make?

Maybe I’m being too hard on poor old granny Hillary?  Is it wrong for me to judge her by my antiquated Judeo/Christian principles and values?  After all, doesn’t she embody the radical maxim, “The ends justify the means?”  Isn’t it perfectly okay to kill, steal, lie, and destroy so long as the murder, theft, deception, or ruination advances the Clinton Kingdom?  I guess Hillary is above the law.  So, let’s all forget about her e-mails and the four men who died in Benghazi by her negligent hand.

On June 7th, the movie, 13 Hours, will be released on DVD.  Maybe seekers of truth and readers of this blog should be kind to HRC and ignore this film.  Obviously, I’m kidding.  It is a must view.


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