Sunday, August 28, 2016

Why I Will Vote for Donald J. Trump – Third Installment

I know the media will be quick to condemn Donald J. Trump for living; however, I prefer to analyze him based on a Biblical/Historical worldview.  I choose to focus on his positive attributes.  The progressive left has set themselves up as judge, jury, and executioner.  I want to think about what Donald J. Trump will bring to the presidency.  What could I reasonably expect from his administration?

First, I want every follower of Jesus to stand up for Pre-Born children and to end the practice of abortion in the United States of America.  Every abortion results in two victims: one is dead; the other suffers grief the rest of her life, knowing she murdered her child.  I do not expect any president to stop abortion by himself.  It would take a miracle from God to change enough hearts and minds in America to create a super majority that will choose life for the Pre-Born.  However, if we could see them as God does, I believe we could eliminate this barbaric practice (see picture below).  I do expect Donald J. Trump to promote life options.  I expect his administration to be hospitable, not hostile to Pro-Life organizations such as one I support, the Human Coalition.  To date this year, they have helped save the lives of 4,933 babies.
Pre-Born Baby Models - First 21 Weeks of Gestation, by Catherine Jacobs    

Because our national debt is a perilous threat, I expect Donald J. Trump to make a serious effort to deal with this crisis.  One step would be to demand greater efficiency from the vast number of government departments, agencies, bureaus, and offices.  Too many of these taxpayer funded organizations waste our resources by spending money enforcing costly, outdated, or stupid regulations.  For example, why do defense contractors in this day and age have to prove they do not have segregated facilities?  These no longer exist anywhere in the Unites States of America, not even in the former Democrat Party/Jim Crow law controlled southern states.  Because regulations like this exist, the Federal Government spends tax dollars to keep track of nothing.  I expect a Trump administration to bring Federal spending under control.  This fiscal tourniquet will stop taxpayer bleeding and move our nation in the direction of a balanced budget.

As a businessman, I expect Donald J. Trump to unshackle American businesses.  He could lower tax rates, eliminate burdensome regulations (as indicated above) with corresponding government mandated paperwork, and repeal (and remove) the business and job killing expensive and failed, “Affordable Care Act,” AKA, “Obamacare.”  With the American, free-enterprise economic engine running on all cylinders, jobs will be generated nationwide.  In conjunction, I expect accurate employment rate reporting.

Jimmie Cox    
Along with new jobs, I expect diminished government dependence.  Self-reliance, personal responsibility, and moral excellence remain hallmarks of true Americans.  Patriots I know are willing to tackle dirty jobs in order to make a better life for themselves, their families, neighbors, and give to charities to help those less fortunate.

I am aware many voters believe we all belong to the government, that being dependent on it is fine, and socialism is the future of America.  Unfortunately, these same people seem to be unaware of socialism’s inherent dangers, such as demonstrated by the National Socialists of Europe during the mid-twentieth century.  The founders of America were acutely aware of these dangers and designed our constitutional republic to maximize God given individual liberty and minimize the necessary evil of centralized government control.  We have allowed accelerating government growth for over 100 years.  To quote Dennis Prager, “The bigger the government the smaller the citizen.”  Honestly, how many of us are relying on the Federal government to clean up the floods in Louisiana?  I expect Donald J. Trump to make good on his promise to transfer education control back to local communities.  Maybe then, school choice will become a reality.

I have many more expectations that I hope will be realized should Donald J. Trump become our next president.  I will address these in future posts.  No one knows what this hard-charging, successful businessman will bring to the Constitution’s Executive Branch, but as Donald J. Trump has said recently, “What have you got to lose?”  We know we will suffer more loss of personal liberty and most probably deeper government intrusions into our daily lives if Donald J. Trump loses this election.

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