Monday, August 29, 2016

Why Do I Weep?

All weekend, I have been weepy.  A song in church, a word of wisdom from our pastor’s sermon, even a brief line from a movie we watched, sent my heart into deep anguish.  I kept asking, “LORD, Jesus, why am I so heart broken?  It doesn’t make sense.  You have blessed our lives.  You even use us in the lives of others.  What is going on here?”

Jesus promised that He would answer and He did by granting me a bit of insight.  I am watching the nation I love, served, and took an oath to protect pass away, and grief – that terrible fiery dart from the devil – attacked my heart.  I know the heart is incapable of learning or reasoning; it only feels, and I’ve never met a feeling I can trust.  As God states in His Holy Scripture, let us reason together.  Clearly, America will die.  When she does, the light of liberty will only be found in a life surrendered to Jesus.  In truth, that is the only place God’s liberty exists.

I could chant, “USA,” with all my strength.  The truth is America is nothing compared to the righteousness, peace, and joy of the Kingdom of God.  The idea of America will end.  Oh, the land known as America will remain.  Those of us unfortunate to watch the Constitutional Republic replaced by a globalist world order will be subjects of something – most likely evil – and those who hate God will think they can shape the planet into something they desire. 

For my wife and I, we have made our calling and election sure.  Our undivided loyalty is to Jesus, The Son of The Living God.  We shall serve Him only, advancing His Gospel of His glorious Kingdom, and encouraging other followers of Jesus to do likewise.

If you are reading this post and you have not made an eternal decision, how long will you waiver between two opinions?  Time is of the essence.  Today is the day to choose whom you will serve.  If Jesus is LORD, choose Him.  If you decide otherwise, I have no words of hope to offer you.  The light of Lady Liberty’s torch will soon be extinguished, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop God’s execution of His divine plan.

Thanks for reading.

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