Monday, August 22, 2016

Book Review – “ARMAGEDDON, How Trump can Beat Hillary”

Yesterday, I finished reading, ARMAGEDDON, How Trump can Beat Hillary,” by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann.  If you care about the future of our Constitutional Republic, our liberties, and our traditional American values, I recommend reading this book as soon as possible.

I know many believe the false narrative that people should never talk about religion and politics with friends, neighbors, or family members.  But if you cannot discuss these matters with civility, logic, and kindness as your guide, what do you have to talk about, the weather, sports, fashion, movies, television shows, the latest ISIS attack?  What?  These are matters that have lasting impacts; positive and negative for generations.  Regarding religion, the effects can be eternal.  What is more important?  Who will win the next Super Bowl, or will you be granted entry into the Kingdom of Heaven?

If you have the courage and conviction to discuss the 2016 election, ARMAGEDDON will give you clear reasons why Hillary Rodham Clinton is unelectable.  Dick and Eileen expose Hillary’s life-long, practiced deceit, her ambition – I would call it wanton lust – for power, and the corruption of her most likely unredeemable soul.  In contrast, they give solid reasons why Donald J. Trump will make a better president, mostly because he is not beholding to anyone but the American people.

My recommendation is this (not from the book): liberty-loving Americans need to use social media to reach out and convince Donald J. Trump to use George Washington’s public servant example and forego his potential presidential salary.   Then, he should allocate his taxpayer-based earnings to help veterans.  He should make this pledge during the first public debate and challenge Hillary to do likewise.  Because money is her motivator, it would be a joyous moment to watch her spin and dodge the test.  In an instant, her campaign would flameout, and she would crash and burn before a national audience.  That would be poetic justice for all the evil she has committed.  Let us never forget Benghazi (watch “13 Hours” or better yet, read the Book).


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