Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Centennial Institute Town Hall Meeting – Part 2

As I stated in yesterday’s post, I attended a town hall style event during the afternoon of August 23, 2016, held at Colorado Christian University (CCU).  The university’s think tank, the Centennial Institute (CI), conducted the event.  CI’s director, Jeff Hunt facilitated it and the two guest speakers were the Republican National Committee’s Director of Faith Engagement, Chad Connelly, and the Colorado GOP’s United States Senate candidate, Darryl Glenn.

Jeff Hunt, Chad Connelly, & Darryl Glenn

In today’s article, I want to explain why I support Darryl Glenn as Colorado’s next United States Senator.  As in the presidential primaries, the GOP for the state of Colorado presented a strong field of contenders.  Against all odds, Darryl Glenn won the nomination fair-and-square.  Some contenders outspent Mr. Glenn by a ration of 10:1.  When asked about this Mr. Glenn stated that it is not the amount of money spent, it is the substance of the message that matters to the people, and he gave all of the credit to Jesus.  I could not agree more.  However, the masses do not care about the message – they want free stuff.

Why do hunters and fishermen use lures to kill or catch their prey?  Democrats have trapped minorities into a world of barely surviving Government dependence.  Somehow, Mr. Glenn must craft a message to inspire personal growth and responsibility to overcome the tempting treats that will surely be offered by the Democrats.  It is hard to convince someone that liberty is more valuable than a government provided smart phone.  Liberty means little to someone who has never lost it.  Overcoming the temptations of free stuff is the struggle facing all Republican nominees in the general election.  After listening to Mr. Glenn’s plans, I think he has the ability to present a message that will resonate the value of liberty over decades of empty Democrat promises.

I have strong reasons to believe we will lose liberty and justice for all if Hillary Clinton becomes the next president and if her rubberstamp, Michael Bennett is reelected.  Why can I make this assertion?  During my military/industry career, I studied threats to our nation.  Today, the number one threat to America is not ISIS – although they are a big one – but it is the $19 Trillion national debt and the $120 Trillion unfunded liabilities.  Michael Bennett approved all of Barack Hussein Obama’s (BHO) debt increases without question.  Hillary plans to increase taxes and the debt.  This weakens us and makes us slaves to those who lend us money.  If Michael Bennett will debate, Mr. Glenn must prosecute this case and present his plan for dealing with the debt.  Then, he might be able to overcome the false promises of free stuff.

Another reason why I support Darryl Glenn, he claims to be an unapologetic follower of Jesus Christ.  This appeals to the Christian voters, but does little to attract independents, and repulses those on the left who reject the saving Gospel of Jesus.  The closed Progressive mind views Christians as intolerant, bigoted, and dangerous fools.  Some even say anyone who believes in God must be mentally ill.  Makes me wonder who are the intolerant ones?

Mr. Glenn has my vote because he claims to be a Constitutional Conservative.  If elected, he will only approve strict constructionist justices to court positions.  Also, he is an avid supporter of the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.  If you think about this, is it not a sad commentary on the people of America that we have to ask if a candidate supports the Constitution of the United States?  Over one hundred years ago, the Progressive movement declared the Constitution no longer relevant to a modern society.  They’ve had ample time to perfect this message and disconnect generations from our moorings.  If you listen to Vice President Joe Biden, Progressives believe they have won this war.  I disagree.  I affirm the Constitution is more relevant today than the day the ink dried on the original parchment.  Convincing low information voters of this truth will be another challenge for Mr. Glenn when he debates the incumbent.

Another reason Mr. Glenn has earned my vote, he understands that Islam is a threat to America, something Michael Bennett refuses to recognize.  The Islamic world domination objective has never changed.  Islamic tactics have.  For instance, Islamic leaders have joined forces with shortsighted Democrats and mastermind Progressive elites.  Both want world domination, but when one group believes they have a mandate from a god to obtain the goal, who do you think has the will to win?  Islam will not rest until the entire world, including America, is under its domination, unless WE, THE PEOPLE of the United States, stop it.

The national debt leaves us vulnerable and weakens our ability to fight the Islamic infiltrators.  What is at stake in this 2016 Senatorial Election?  Liberty.  Darryl Glenn understands that liberty is a gift from our Creator.  However, God leaves liberty’s preservation in the hands of His people.  Will you protect liberty this November 8, 2016?

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