Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Centennial Institute Town Hall Meeting

During the afternoon of August 23, 2016, I attended a town hall style event.  It was held at Colorado Christian University (CCU).  It was conducted by the university’s think tank, The Centennial Institute (CI), which advances the Kingdom of God by promoting Faith, Family, and Freedom.   CI’s director, Jeff Hunt facilitated the event.  The two guest speakers were the Republican National Committee’s Director of Faith Engagement, Chad Connelly, and the Colorado GOP’s United States Senate candidate, Darryl Glenn.
Jeff Hunt, Chad Connelly, & Darryl Glenn

Whenever I attend events like this, I pray to have a teachable spirit to learn the Holy Spirit’s instructions.  I got an education.  I never knew that the GOP created an outreach to the Christian vote.  Like all other forgotten men, I assumed the Republican Party took my vote and that of my fellow Jesus followers, for granted much like the Democrat Party takes the African-American, Hispanic, Asian, and all other minority votes for granted.  Well I learned what the voting records revealed regarding the 2012 loss to Barack Hussein Obama (BHO).  A vast majority of Christians stayed home or voted down ticket candidates only.  I summarized a few key points below:

  • Approximately, 80 million Americans profess to be Christian (of all faiths and denominations),
  • Around 6 million voted for BHO (why defies logic), and 
  • Roughly, 30 million professing Christians voted in 2012 (leaving 50 million at home).       

In the case of Ohio, BHO carried the state by 150,000 votes.  The records indicated that 155,000 professing Christians voted for down ticket candidates only.  This cost the race for Ohio and consequently, the nation.

If we will be honest, stay-home Christians gave BHO four more years to continue his planned destruction of our Constitutional Republic.  Followers of Jesus who chose not to vote have no one else to blame but themselves.  I know I cannot persuade the, “Never Trump,” feelings-motivated believers to change their minds.  I think I have had easier times convincing committed atheists to come to grips with the fact that God is, and they will stand before His bar of judgment when they pass from this life.  Regardless, if Christians pretend purity in this election and avoid casting their God granted privilege to vote or only vote down ticket candidates, we will deliver the nation over to its final solution execution on a silver platter.  If you claim to be a follower of Jesus, stop casting stones at Donald J. Trump and vote for him as well as your down ticket candidates.

Regarding the Colorado GOP’s United States Senate candidate, Darryl Glenn, he has my full support and I will explain why in a follow up post.

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