Friday, August 19, 2016

Another Reason Why I Will Vote for Donald J. Trump

I know I cannot persuade the, “Never Trump,” feelings-motivated believers to change their minds.  I think I have had easier times convincing committed atheists to come to grips with the fact that God is, and they will stand before His bar of judgment when they pass from this life.  Well, I have been watching Donald J. Trump for years and with intense interest since he announced his intention to run for the presidency.  During his speech in Charlotte, North Carolina last night (08-18-16), I saw for the first time contrition come out of his behavior.

Contrition is a character quality God wants to see in the behavior of His children.  It is a quality that is difficult to fake.  Even great actors have a hard time demonstrating real contrition when playing dramatic roles.  In today’s Hollywood culture, I don’t think they know what contrition is, and of course, if you are a Clinton everything depends on what the definition of, “Is,” is.  Actors can produce tears portraying grief, but it is another thing to demonstrate repentance for grieving our Holy Creator.  For anyone who watched the NBC television show, “The Apprentice,” we can all agree, Donald J. Trump is NOT a good actor.

Now, the big challenge for Mr. Trump is to be consistent.  If the contrition is real, he will be able to avoid the baiting to enter into verbal abuse.  Kindness for others would be another sign that maybe his newfound Christianity is more than a political ploy.  He has surrounded himself with strong followers of Jesus (see photo below).  Time will tell.  If he has repented and made Jesus Christ, LORD of his life, then he already has gained the Kingdom of God, which is much greater than the White House.
Franklin Graham, Tony Perkins, Donald Trump, Mike Pence
We know the Clintons will never apologize for anything they’ve done wrong.  They deny wrongdoing or blame others.  They never play, nor fight, fair.  They behave as if they are above all laws, rules, and regulations.  If my fellow followers of Jesus want to make history, vote for Donald J. Trump and beat the Clinton machine before it shreds what is left of our constitutional republic.

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