Friday, August 12, 2016

Abortion Article # 7 – New Vision

Missions Statement: I want to see the practice of abortion end in the United States of America.

Since my last anti-abortion article, approximately 1.2 million babies have been murdered in their mother’s wombs.  I am writing to followers of Jesus, The Messiah of Israel.  I pray His disciples desire to be intellectually honest, have a teachable spirit, and a tender heart to receive The Truth.  I want every believer to stand up for Pre-Born children and to end the practice of abortion in the United States of America.  We ended smoking in public places.  Why not end the abortion industry?

I have been very busy for the last several weeks.  I had to prepare for and teach a workshop at the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference.  In addition, I was honored to deliver the closing session’s keynote address.  Since that would be the closest thing I’ll ever come to a presidential nominee’s acceptance speech, I gave it my all.  My three points were:
  1. As Christian writers, we are part of God’s volunteer army.  Our writing must keep in mind the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, appealing to our neighbors, communities, and His people to repent for His righteous judgment is already upon our nation.
  2. As we face these last hours, we are called to His high and holy life above all laws, rules and regulations.  Law is the lowest manager of civil behavior.  Law can never inspire greatness, excellence, or virtue.  What does Almighty God require of us?  “YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.”
  3. So what does LOVE require of me a Christian writer?  Pray, obey, and establish a vision for our readers and ourselves.
That is what I planned to present; however, God orchestrates and holds the sovereign authority to rearrange our plans.  He introduced me to a woman who not only established a vision in this eternal fight to stop murdering the Pre-Born, but she had a unique artistic talent to bring the vision into practical reality.  Artist Catherine Jacobs created actual size models of Pre-Born babies for the first twenty-one weeks of their developing lives (see photographs below).  Her website is linked here:   

Seeing and holding these Pre-Born infant replicas changed everything.  I intended to use my Pro-Life position as an example of establishing a vision and writing in concert with that objective.  I believed the audience needed to see these Pre-Born Baby models for themselves if they were willing to face the truth.  The bloodthirsty abortion industry is lying to the American public.  The truth is presented int the pictures above.

Catherine is seeking help to have her models manufactured in production-rate quantities.  Also, she needs a committed Pro-Life plastics manufacturer and funding.  The demand for these sets has grown beyond her personal capacity to meet requests for orders.  Should any of my readers be directed by God’s Holy Spirit to come along side and provide Catherine with assistance, I know she will personally, greatly appreciate it.  Feel free to contact Catherine at:

I understand millions of people believe in and love Hillary Rodham Clinton.  They feel she is a good person and she should be the next president of the United States of America, why defies rational thought.  However, she believes in murdering the Pre-Born.  She will protect the abortion practice and she wants US taxpayers to fund the butchering.  This holocaust must stop.  I support Donald J. Trump for president of the United States of America and I will vote for him in November.  Mr. Trump may not be able to help stop this barbaric practice, but at least for such a time as this he opposes killing the innocent.

Millions of women have been physically damaged, emotionally crushed, and spiritually tormented after having an abortion.  There is hope in Jesus for you.  It may take time, but He can heal all of those pains, if you surrender your life to Him.  An organization that can help is the Human Coalition.

I understand facing an unwanted pregnancy is extremely stressful, emotionally draining, and a severe financial hardship.  But, I appeal to any woman carrying a child, please give your baby a chance.  Based on what I’ve learned about my birth mother, I am grateful Roe vs. Wade was not decided twenty-one years earlier.  I most probably would not be writing this today.  I was given a chance at life.  If I could I would thank my natural mother for giving me up for adoption.  Please consider this option.  The Human Coalition stands by ready to lend a helping hand, emotional counseling, and spiritual guidance.  Please contact them on-line (Human Coalition), or call (214) 295-7301.

Thanks for reading.


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