Thursday, August 18, 2016


I want to be as kind as I can be in this message to the 2016 Presidential Candidates.  No one likes being called a sinner.  However, the Holy Scripture is clear, “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.”  I am more concerned for your eternal condition than whether or not you reach the White House.

Behavior never lies and yours indicates that you do not know, nor fear your Creator.  If you were a fellow congregant of my church I would pull you aside and beg you to confess your multiplied sins against God and His children.  You should list them all, not just the ones that are obvious and apparent to those of us who have witnessed your behavior from a distance.  Then, please petition Him for His forgiveness before it is too late to save your immortal soul.  You still have a chance.

You know the sins you have committed and plan yet to commit.  No one knows, but this may be your final warning to embrace the truth so as to be saved.  Otherwise, God will place upon you a deluding spirit so that you will believe what is false, if He has not already.  If the Creator of the Universe does (or has), who can remove the controlling delusion from you?  You will die in your sins and miss entering into the joy of His eternal Kingdom, not just the temporary White House.  For it was from dust He created your body and to the dust your body will return.  However, your spirit will be presented to God who breathed life into your being.

Then, you will stand before the judgment bar of the Supreme Judge of the Universe.  The choice for you to choose life remains so long as Almighty God allows you to breathe His air.  A day is approaching when He will cause the last breath to exhale from your lungs and cease the beating of your heart.  You can bring your lawlessness to and end now, or He will end it for you.  I pray you forsake your current path of death and destruction and choose life.  The choice is yours.

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