Tuesday, October 11, 2016

This is NOT a Game

I am angry and disgusted with the political pundits and commentators.  They keep blathering about who won the presidential debate Sunday night.  I hate to state the obvious but, this election is NOT a game.  This election is for the very life of our Constitutional Republic.  I know Hillary and her supporters who share her progressive worldview believe the United States Constitution has outlived its usefulness, is no longer relevant to a modern society, and worse should be done away with altogether.  She exposed her objective to accomplish this dismantling Sunday night when she answered the question regarding Supreme Court selections.  She said she would nominate justices, who understand the way the world works and recognize the world as it is.  Not once did she say she wanted justices that would uphold the United States Constitution.  At least, Donald J. Trump claimed he would appoint justices who will uphold and protect the Constitution.

I listened to one pompous commentator clamor saying he has never seen one candidate threaten another with jail.  There has never been a candidate more corrupt than Hillary Rodham Clinton.  She makes Richard J. Daley, the crime boss Mayor of Chicago, look like a choir boy.  I think it would be good for the country to prove to the people that no one is above the law, and she has broken many, too many to list in this post.  America needs to have an honest investigation into the Clinton Empire.  If indicted, and if it would be harmful to drag the nation through a lengthy trial – I would enjoy it – then pardon her.  But America please, do not let this gross injustice stand.

For those people who do not know who Progressives are historically, for over 100 years Progressives have indoctrinated our culture with their big lie that the US Constitution is no longer relevant in a modern society and even less necessary now that we should always think globally, not nationally.  Because the US Constitution is national, it is an enemy to the Progressive global agenda and particularly the Clinton Global Initiative and Clinton Foundation.  These two wings of the corrupt Clinton Empire are making Bill and Hillary very wealthy by foreign donors who desire to see the United States of America weakened and eventually destroyed.  If she becomes president, Hillary will work diligently to get rid of the US Constitution and replace it with – well, we can only guess because Progressives refuse to tell us what they intend to do.

However, their conduct is instructive.  Their behavior (which never lies) indicates that they would replace our Constitutional Republic with a form of elite oligarchy.  Regardless of what it is called, it will be a dictatorship.  All of our liberties will be subject to 100% government regulation.  We, the once individual citizens of the United States, will become subjects to the inevitable police state.  If we follow the president’s rules, work for the state, keep our views to ourselves, we may be allowed to survive until we no longer serve any useful purpose.  I do not want to live under such tyranny.  I hope real liberty-loving Americans will stop Hillary Rodham Clinton from finishing what Barack Hussein Obama started – the fundamental transformation of the United States of America.

If you don’t care if our Constitutional Republic survives, vote for Hillary.  But it you want the republic to live for at least four more years, and it would be a miracle intervention by Almighty God if it did, vote for Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence and convince others to do likewise.

I conclude with this prayer: Father, if this is the hour You, Almighty God have chosen to humble proud America and bring her to destruction, Thy will be done.  However, if it is possible, those of us who know You hear and answer prayer, beg You, in the name of Jesus, Your anointed Son, to extend Your grace and mercy to our land one more time.  I know millions like me are asking You to intervene and give us one more chance to be a light of Your gift of liberty to ourselves and posterity.  If corruption and desolation be our lot, Thy will be done.

That’s my two cents.  If you agree, please share this post with your followers on Twitter and your Friends on Facebook.  Thanks for reading.

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