Sunday, October 30, 2016

Book Review – Tainted By Suspicion

Author and historian, Fred Lucas has produced a timely text, titled, Tainted BySuspicion, The Secret Deals and Electoral Chaos of Disputed Presidential Elections.”  He explored America’s many past presidential elections from 1800 through 2000 that have had dubious outcomes as perceived by the populace.  I found his narrative both confirming and educational.  For example, I knew the 1876 election was controversial.  However, I learned how close the centennial election between Rutherford B. Hayes and Samuel Tilden came to sparking a second bloody civil war eleven years after the deadly antebellum era.  Furthermore, Mr. Lucas analyzes all other campaigns that had the appearance of stealing the will of voting citizens.

Mr. Lucas wants his readers to understand that the historical evidence shows no prior election has ever been stolen and outside of the 1860 results, none lead to war.  Also, he chose to avoid making any predictions regarding our current situation.  Unfortunately for our nation and although the 2016 election is pending, America has never had a more proven morally corrupt candidate like Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Never has a presidential candidate been under a criminal Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) probe for mishandling highly classified information and possible espionage against the USA.  Never has a candidate been protected by all forms of media (including social), academia, the government controlled Department of Education, and government agencies, such as the Executive Branch’s Department of Justice.  A case can be made she, her surrogates, and the occupier of the White House, controls all of these information outlets.

However, she cannot control her foreign donors who intend to do America harm.  Globalists like George Soros want to reduce America’s influence.  The Islamic world continues its march to dominate the entire planet.  It is this writer’s opinion that if Hillary becomes the next president, globalists will press her for open borders, which will flat-line the American economy.  Or, bad actors from the Islamic world will be relentless in their attacks against the American people.  Muslim’s residing in our country cannot allow a woman to hold any control over their lives or be the head of the USA.  Furthermore, because these donors will have control over her, she will be powerless to stop America’s economic demise, or Islamic domination from metastasizing and destroying from within our nation.

Donald J. Trump owes no one anything.  He promised to give away the presidential salary.  He will protect and serve WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America.

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