Monday, October 31, 2016

Looking In The Wrong Place

Once again, the, “NEWS,” outlets, even now left leaning FOX, are focusing on the wrong thing.  True Americans are hoping absolutely corrupted Hillary Rodham Clinton will finally be brought to justice for her uncountable crimes.  The Democrats are accusing the FBI Director, James Comey, of playing politics, violating the, “Hatch Act,” law, or being a double-crosser.  Unfortunately, the networks worry about the potential impact these some 650,000 newly discovered e-mails might have on the general election.  I’m not discounting the election importance; however, there is a national life-or-death issue we need to know about as soon as possible.
Hillary & Huma
What if Hillary Rodham Clinton sent highly classified information to Huma Abedin and she in turn forwarded the data to her deeply connected to the Muslim Brotherhood father or mother (watch this video)?  What if she sent her parents information critical to the poor security of the Benghazi Consulate?  What if Al-Qaida knew they could attack the consulate because of this data?  What if the information disclosed the secret location of the CIA Annex?  What if these e-mails reveal an act of espionage and disclose its horrific cover up?  I realize this is all speculation, but what if it turns out to be the case or worse?  How many more American lives are in immediate danger?  How many of our technical capabilities have been compromised?  Is America at great, clear and present danger of an imminent attack from any of the many powers that desire to do us harm?  We need to know how badly we’ve been damaged so we can take appropriate countermeasures and be in a position to defend ourselves.

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