Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Movie Review – REVIVE US

Mary and I watched last night’s production of REVIVE US, presented by Kirk Cameron in conjunction with My Faith Votes.  This Fathom Event movie will be re-broadcast on Monday evening, October 24, 2016.  For all my friends who are followers of Jesus and care about the future of our nation, I highly recommend this movie to you.  Please, take the time to go and participate in and with this presentation.

If I hear from God, He has been sending a clear message to His people for a very long time.  For well over a year, I’ve heard it confirmed at writer’s conferences I’ve attended, seminars, summits, special church events, and by more sources than I can name in this post.  This presentation states His urgent message with much better concise clarity than I ever could.  Again, please consider going this coming Monday to watch it in a theater near you.

For my Denver Bronco and Houston Texan friends, record the Monday Night Football game and go participate in REVIVE US.  It is an uplifting 90 minutes of Christian fellowship, worship, and prayer for the very life of our nation.

Thanks for reading.

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Kelly Trembley said...

I want to Revive Us last night and it was a special uplifting experience. To sit in a theater with so many fellow Christians who raised their hands in Praise and felt free to say Amen was comforting. Just knowing that thousands upon thousands of other Americans were in theaters at the same time worshipping God and
praying in unison was wonderful. I wish this could be a weekly event. I certainly would go... Thank you Kirk Cameron for your conviction and bravery to stand up in this world and proclaim the power of God through Christianity.... may God bless you and your family