Wednesday, March 04, 2015

My New Novel's Back Cover

The President’s Piano – Back Cover:

Have you ever asked what would the world be like if Islam succeeded in subjugating America?  If you think it could never happen, think again.  It is happening and most Americans today choose to ignore the danger.  This story reveals one possible logical outcome resulting from the fundamental transformation of America.

Katie Elder is a reluctant resident under the Caliphate of Ameristan.  She owns a piano of peculiar historical significance.  She hates what has happened to America and the enslavement of its Christian and Jewish population.  Even more, she hates how she willingly traded God’s gift of liberty for the false security of the tyrannical government and Sharia Law.  Now, she has neither liberty nor security.  Fear and terror rule her life and she trembles constantly.  Katie’s husband, Kurt, convinces her that they need to flee the city to avoid the coming holocaust.  Bloodthirsty Jihadist killers hunt for Katie, Kurt, and their son, Connor.  She begs her husband, Kurt, to remain in their safe hideout when an opportunity to regain liberty arises.  But Kurt chooses to join the patriotic rebellion to restore the land to a Constitutional Republic.  If not for the special attributes of her piano, she would lose everything.

What lengths will God go to as the Good Shepherd to find a lost sheep?  Would He orchestrate events covering over 100 years to restore one broken soul to a vibrant relationship with Him?

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