Monday, February 02, 2015

America Is At War With Islam

America is at War with Islam

The Useful-Idiot-in-Chief is not at war with Islam, because his behavior proves that he is Muslim.  But he does not speak for all Americans and definitely not me.  True Americans defend our Constitution and know we are at war with Islam.  If given the chance, we will deal with these savages.  The problem is – what do we do with the high-minded, self-righteous, leftists allied with these bloodthirsty murderers once we remove the Islamic threat from our land?  As always I commit the issue to prayer based on common sense and the truth of God’s word.  If you agree, feel free to share this prayer with your friends.
“Almighty Heavenly Father, I find that I face a real conundrum with your enemies who embrace progressive ideologies and those who serve a death-cult doctrine straight from the pit of Hell.  They do not seem to understand that you may have created us equal, but free people are not equal and equal people are not free.  They deny that we have a right given by you to defend ourselves.  The so-called progressives dislike guns with such deep bitterness – they do not want anyone to have one.  Apparently, they do not realize that a gun is like a parachute.  If you need one, and you don’t have one, you will never need one again.  They forbid us to judge all Muslims based on the actions of the true followers of Islam, but they demand that we judge all gun owners by the actions of a miniscule few.  I, for one, admit that I am confused as to what to do with these people, should you grant us success in defeating Islam in our time and removing Islam from our land.
“Those socialistic, high-minded, self-righteous enemies of yours pollute the minds of our children and teach them that America is capitalist and greedy.  Yet, they tax us beyond reason to subsidize over half of the population – legal and illegal.  They convince the subsidized people that they are victims.  These who think they are victims elect representatives to run the government, to keep subsidies pouring out from the taxed making the subsidized poorer.  I know that you love those who hate you and I pray that you will give us wisdom on what to do with these masses should you grant us victory over Islam.
“Now Father, as our Founders did, with firm reliance upon your divine providence, I pledge my life, my limited resources, and my sacred honor to this work you have ordained for me to do.  In the name of Jesus, I put my trust in you, my Lord, my God, and my Redeemer.  Amen. 

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