Thursday, January 29, 2015

42 Years Too Late

Roe v. Wade: The Most Cowardly and Evil Decision Rendered
(An Opinion Piece by Charles J. Patricoff)

No single decision issued by the United States Supreme Court has wrecked more havoc, emotionally destroyed more women’s lives, and murdered an uncountable number of souls other than the January 1973, Roe v. Wade passing of the proverbial buck.  Since that fateful day, over 57 million babies have been intentionally butchered in their mother’s wombs.  Women who have submitted to this, “legal,” procedure, lie to themselves each day that they simply removed unwanted tissue.  And, the liberal-elite, death-cult members garner praise for their enlightened protection of a government conferred privilege as the legitimatized murder rate rises – now somewhat equal to eliminating the populations of five major cities.  In comparison, the Dred Scott decision cost approximately 625,000 American Civil War lives, a mere drop in the ocean of blood created by the abortion industry’s curbing of human reproduction.

Does anyone remember what the benchwarmers decided under Roe v. Wade?  If you guess a woman’s right to choose you would be wrong.  A “Right,” applies to all humanity.  Once something applies to a single segment of humanity to the exclusion of another that is a, “Privilege.”  For the uniformed masses, this is a brief summary of what five humans – no better or worse than you or I – decided for an entire nation.
  1. The Texas law making an abortion a crime was found unconstitutional,
  2. The decision to have an abortion should be between a woman and her doctor after receiving two (not one) supporting medical opinions that the mother’s life would be endangered if she carried the child to full term, and
  3. At some time during the pregnancy the State has a superior interest in the life of the child over that of its mother.
Regarding the third point, the cowards refused to define when that point of time occurs.  They claim to have conferred with all disciplines to determine when life begins: Medical, Scientific, Philosophy, Religious, etc.  They punted.  The majority stated that based on the body of human knowledge available at that time, they could not determine when human life is viable.  These high-minded, over educated, self-righteous, sophisticated know-nothings, can’t handle Common Sense Truth.  (For those with courage I recommend watching, “October Baby,” and if you want to face the horrid truth, “The Silent Scream.”)

Human knowledge has advanced since 1973.  The use of ultrasound technology in prenatal obstetrics became common in the early 1980’s.  Following this practice, the beating of a human heart is detectable by the 8th week of his or her mother’s pregnancy.  Before more murders take place, isn’t it about time we as a nation revisit Roe v. Wade?

Will the Supreme Judge of the Universe remain silent?  Is it too late to repent?  Will America pay a severe penalty in life and liberty lost for the wholesale murder of innocent lives? 

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