Friday, December 13, 2013

I Should Apologize?

Why do Christians, with a well-defined, Biblically-based world view, feel compelled to apologize for standing up for what we believe and for what we know is true?  Is the corrupted culture’s world-view superior, equal to, or inferior to God’s revealed will from the pages of Holy Scripture and His Creation?  Why should we apologize for choosing to live by virtues and values, which have been time-tested as historically and factually correct, morally sound, and intellectually honest? 

Those who have rejected God’s truth follow a feelings-based world view that ignores or re-writes history, demonstrates moral bankruptcy, and shuns honest debate.  Liberal Progressivism corrupts the mind with the lie – “The ends justify the means.”  Progressivism hardens a person’s heart and transforms the individual into an emotional, illogical, and intolerant, “I know what’s best,” tyrant.  If progressives do not like something, or someone, they demand to control the thinking and behavior of all others – specifically, with those they disagree. 

For example, they hate guns.  They refuse to own a gun; therefore, they would prevent others from possessing one.  Unfortunately, their adopted mindset degenerates into a terminal, malignant cancer of the soul, for which there is no scientific cure. 

Why should I kowtow to such as these?  I refuse to apologize for following Jesus Christ.  I will speak His truth and declare that people should repent and believe in Him for His Kingdom is at Hand. 

When a sewer-minded progressive challenges with the mantra, “Are you holier than me?” 

My answer is, “Yes – not by anything I’ve done.  I’ve been redeemed by the choice of the Sovereign King of the Universe.  If you change your mind and submit your life to His governance, you can be redeemed too, be healed of your terminal condition, and know an excellent way to live.  If not, good luck with your, ‘Progress-to-nowhere,’ philosophy and have a nice day.  And by the way, I will make no apology for the fact that Jesus Christ is Lord.”

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