Saturday, March 07, 2015

Texas Submits to Islam

Texas Submits to Islam

On Friday, March 6, 2015, 179 years after the fall of the Alamo, FOX NEWS reported that a Dallas, Texas suburb submitted to Islam and allowed the establishment of a Sharia law court to handle domestic cases.  Why would Texas submit?  Islam claims to be superior to the laws of the State of Texas.  I suppose it is as far as men are concerned.  Does the State of Texas stand for equal justice under the law?  Whatever happened to the concept of the separation of church and state?

The legal concept – Separation of Church and State – originated in a letter written by Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptist Association in 1802.  Jefferson’s intent was to state that the Constitution prohibits the Federal Government from establishing a State of National Religion that all American citizens must follow.  The concept never intended to prohibit the expression of religious principles from the market place of ideas. Today, the secular left spouts the unchallengeable dogma that religious concepts must be kept in the privacy of one's home or within the four walls of one's place of worship.

Any doctrine, be it religious, scientific, medical, legal, political, philosophical, etc., that cannot be challenged is not worth following.  If a doctrine will allow a challenge and it sustains that challenge through open and honest debate, it may be worth further consideration and adoption.  If it fails the challenge, it would be insane to follow it.  Islam will not allow any challenge.  Islam requires submission.

Allowing a separate but unequal Islamic judicial system to exist in any form in any State should be challenged.  But I suppose Texas is too afraid to go against political correctness (another unchallengeable doctrine of the left).

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