Monday, August 01, 2011

Western Conservative Summit - 2011 (An Observation)

This year's Western Conservative Summit proved to be more than informative and inspiring. It proved revelatory. The Centennial Institute, think tank arm of Colorado Christian University (CCU) sponsored the weekend-filled conference. The stable of speakers was impressive and their topics covered a broad spectrum of thought provoking national concerns, international issues, and contrasts between constructive conservative and self-destructive, liberal-progressive worldviews.

In this post, I will address my observation of the declared and undeclared Republican Presidential hopefuls: Texas Governor Rick Perry (undeclared); Former US Senator from Pennsylvania, Rick Santorum (declared); Former UN Ambassador, John Bolton (undeclared); and Businessman, Herman Cain (declared). They all gave respectable speeches, but one inspired. They all said the right conservative words, but one set the right tone and tempo. They all expressed good ideas for putting America back on the right track to be that exceptional shining city upon a hill, but one showed us his executable plan. They are all good men, but one stood out above the rest.

I applied to CCU to be part of their volunteer corps to ensure the operational success of the Summit. CCU selected me to participate on the team that would monitor their respective book signing times. Moving people to and from these candidates for an hour or so placed me in the unique, close-proximity to observe how these four, mere men, interacted with people. I list them here in an order from the least to the most personable (in my opinion).

  • Texas Governor, Rick Perry,

  • Former UN Ambassador, John Bolton,

  • Former US Senator from Pennsylvania, Rick Santorum, and

  • Businessman, Herman Cain.

Governor Perry sat behind a table several feet away from the nearest admirer. He never once lifted off his chair until it was time to leave. Ambassador Bolton sat behind his table throughout his book signing, but allowed people to come up to it and he provided a chair next to him so fans could sit comfortably during a quick photo-shoot. Senator Santorum stood to his feet for every photograph; he allowed ample human contact ranging from simple handshakes to warm, yet appropriate (for a conservative crowd) embraces.

Herman Cain signed books, programs, bumper stickers, pamphlets, hats, and T-Shirts and he sat, stood, hugged, and shook hands. For me, the moment-of-truth arrived when his chief-of-staff leaned in to whisper in his ear that he won the straw poll by a whopping margin. I know this because I stood right across from his left side at this historical moment. Mr. Cain simply smiled, addressed his next visitor, and signed another book.

By the way, the one Presidential Candidate who gave an inspirational speech, set the right tone and tempo, presented and executable plan (handed out copies), and stood out above the rest, is Mr. Herman Cain.

Folks, it is time to raise Cain!

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