Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Iowa Staw-Poll Results (An Opinion)

Okay, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann won and Congressman Ron Paul came in second. Governor Tim Pawlenty dropped out and Texas Governor Rick Perry jumped in to the race. Jon Caldera, a local Denver, Colorado radio host, says, "There is nothing the Republican Party can't screw up." I congratulate Ms. Bachmann. She ran and attractive campaign for the Iowa straw-poll. However, when was the last sitting member of the House of Representatives elected to the office of President? For those products of the Federal Department of Education (aka, Public School System), it was James A. Garfield (not to be confused with the cartoon fat cat), elected in 1880, shot on July 2, 1881, and died on September 19, 1881. Garfield was the first and last sitting member of the House elected President (our 20th).

As a Constitutional Conservative, I am looking for the candidate who will fight for the Constitution. Bush 43 paid it lip service calling it a, "G-D piece of paper." The current usurper-in-chief seems to enjoy shredding it. It appears to me he has touched off the afterburners in a full-scale assault to strafe our Constitutional Republic and subject America to the United Nations.

However, I want one of these candidates to stand up and say it is time for us to bring our troops home. I am not an isolationist, because it is unrealistic. Yet I ask do we have a clear mission to accomplish in the three published wars we are fighting? It seems our current liar-in-chief is intentionally weakening our nation. Can someone explain to me why we protect the border between North and South Korea, and the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, yet we fail to close and protect our national boundaries?

In addition, I want a candidate who will put all entitlements on the table, including sacred-Social Security. The Constitution does not require the Federal Government to be the great benevolent provider - it cannot no matter how much the government steals from American taxpayers. This is not a fairness issue; it is how much theft will, we the people, allow. Obama Senior wrote in his economic thesis he believed it would be okay for a government to tax its populace 100% of their earnings so long as the government provided services were commensurate with the taking. How are agencies such as the EPA, DOE, and DHS performing? If they worked for me (oh wait - they do), I would fire all of them for failing to meet their stated objectives. For example, President Carter created the DOE in 1973. Their stated mission: Free America from foreign oil dependency. 38 years later, are we more or less dependent?

As we grow more dependent on government, we should recall that throughout history, every benevolent government eventually turns hostile on its own citizens, even if it is only a small segment of its population - a scapegoat for blaming society's ills. Americans have traded liberty for security. Now, we deserve neither. Apparently, the current administration (and its State controlled media) considers anyone like me a public enemy because I refuse to break faith with the founding principles, which formed our nation's Constitution. I hope I have the courage to stand up like Patrick Henry and declare, "Give me liberty or give me death."

Finally, I long for a candidate who will tell this nation the truth. It needs to repent and turn to the Lord, begging Him to lead us in a revival of faith, freedom, and personal responsibility. As a historian, unless we entreat God's intervention, we are doomed to follow the path of all previous empires - all fall and become enslaved by the next conqueror in line - possibly Russia, likely China, most probably the rioting-radical-Islamic nation. Regardless, liberty as we know it will cease to exist and a slaughter will ensue to make sure the sheep comply with the new masters.

Well, the 8-ring circus is over and who knows what we are going to be stuck with - certainly no one who will fit any of my unreasonable and unrealistic criteria. Since I doubt anyone will lead our body politic to humble ourselves before God, I pray for a revival at the individual level because unless we repent and turn to the Lord, America will be no more. Oh, the land will be here, and we will be residents of something, but never again the land of the free and the home of the brave.


Anonymous said...

Hi Charles! I am not overly fond of Ms. Bachmann. I feel she is just too 'political' and knows how to spread the 'feel good' message, and say what she thinks we need to hear. I too want someone who can speak the truth and not want a lifetime career. I also feel it is time we stop the 'pay 'em until they die' paycheck they all get. I want it to stop with this current idiot.

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