Friday, August 12, 2011

Iowa Debate Results (An Opinion)

This post is a quick opinion piece regarding last night's Republican Presidential dog and pony show. My favorite fighter for America's survival as an independent, sovereign nation and future existence was Newt Gingrich. I want someone who will go on the offensive, and if necessary, be offensive against the self-proclaimed, progressive elites from both parties who think they control the sheep in their body-politic pasture.

I think Herman Cain advanced his status and I still like the idea of having a President who is not a whitewashed sepulcher like the Pharisees of Washington, DC.

The next fighter who scored punch points with me for truth, justice, and traditional American values fell to Rick Santorum. Unfortunately while fighting for the sanctity of human life and the correct definition of marriage, he complained too much about the amount of time he had before the audience.

The rest failed to impress me whatsoever and it is time for Tim Pawlenty to give up his place in the race.

So, I ranked my scorecard as follows:
1. Newt Gingrich, 2. Herman Cain, 3. Rick Santorum, 4. Michele Bachman, 5. Mitt Romney, 6. Ron Paul, 7. Jon Huntsman, and 8. Tim Pawlenty.

That is my opinion. Saturday, we will find out what the people of Iowa think.

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