Friday, September 02, 2016

Has FOX NEWS Taken a Left Turn?

 I have been a faithful FOX NEWS (FOX) viewer for over sixteen years.  It seemed to me, it was the only television news outlet that offered a consistent conservative voice.  Is it just me, or is FOX trending to the left?  I always try to analyze events from a Biblical/Historical worldview.  One thing this requires is truth and according to scripture, when necessary expose falsehoods.  FOX claims to be, “Fair and Balanced,” and “We report, you decide.”  I’m not sure these tag lines apply any longer.  Let’s explore what my eyes see and ears hear.

I began to see Hillary Clinton cover-up specialists more often on the various repeat programs (different show hosts and, “Contributors” – same presented subjects).  Over the past several days, I used my stopwatch to time coverage segments.  On average, positive Hillary Clinton sirens were given two minutes, fifteen seconds (2:15) to spin their false narratives.  In addition, these surrogates used two minutes (2:00) to bash Donald Trump, often using inflammatory language; one violently called Donald J. Trump a, “Liar.”  So what?  The scripture is clear, all men (and women) are liars; only God is true.

Conversely, positive Trump coverage averaged forty seconds (0:40) and negative HRC commentary clocked in at thirty seconds (0:30).  Everyone knows HRC is a pathological liar, but no one said it.  I realize this is anecdotal evidence and a single data point not based on a professional statistical analysis, but it demonstrates what I’ve been watching for about a year, and has increased since the left leaning FOX NEWS heirs ousted Roger Ailes.

After Donald Trump’s meeting with the Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto and his near two-hour speech addressing illegal immigration, the rabid Pit-bull attacks on Donald Trump even came from program anchors including Jenna Lee, and Megyn Kelly who I thought were conservative women.  I expected negative comments from leftist Shepard Smith, comfortable plantation resident Juan Williams, and wishy-washy Chris Wallace, because they have behaved with progressive tendencies.  FOX contributor Alan Colmes is such a George Soros hack; he’d persuade his grandmother that the gas chamber is good for her.  Apparently, these FOX personnel are happy to speak on behalf of the utopian plantation owners.  Martha MacCallum strives to be fair, and it looks more and more like Sean Hannity stands as the lone conservative.  Sean has been pushed to a late-night slot with fewer viewers.

FOX spent hours bickering over Donald Trump’s immigration plan.  They paraded progressive guests onto each show who claimed that Trump’s plan would break up families.  It seems everyone is missing the point.  Families don’t have to break up if members do not want to become US citizens.  We have neighbors who do not want to become citizens.  If someone wants to become a citizen, they need to follow the law.  Progressives want open borders and they present the false narrative that under Trump’s plan, 11 million illegal immigrants are subject to deportation.  Under our current unenforced laws, they are subject to deportation.  Again, if my neighbor who is a grandfather and speaks broken English doesn’t want to become a US citizen, and he has said he doesn’t, he remains as he is.  He said he sees no value in becoming a US citizen.  If Hillary becomes president, my neighbor’s position will be the status for all American citizens – we will become her serfs.  Because her pantsuits are beginning to look more like tents, I think HRC would be comfortable wearing a burka.  This should make her open border, death to America Islamic buddies happy.

On the positive side, FOX did report when the FBI released their investigation notes, damaging HRC.  They reported she blamed her aides for any mistakes that were made with the handling of classified information.  She throws even her closest friends under the bus.  And it gets worse.  She claimed she didn't recognize classified markings or remember classified briefings because of her concussion.  I wonder if she has that progressive degenerative disease of the brain, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)?

However, as if they keep a stable of progressives ready, FOX brought on a heavyset protector of the plantation to distract from the issue and say Donald Trump must have something to hide because he hasn’t released his tax returns.  I want to point out there is a big difference between a private citizen’s tax returns and a government employee’s mishandling of classified information.

The more I watch, the more I see a clear left turn.  At one time, FOX could be counted on to represent the American conservative voice of reason.  The conservative voice calls for political liberty, personal responsibility, economic free enterprise where a person keeps the fruit of his or her labor, and freedom of conscience, including religious expression.  Progressives control the message, and they have suppressed the conservative television voice.  AM talk radio is HRC’s next target.  I may still watch FOX NEWS, but I can no longer trust it.

On a final note, I thank God that He will not allow illegal aliens into His Kingdom.  All must come through the one door, Jesus.  I hope you know Him, but more importantly, He knows you and whether or not you know His voice.

Thanks for reading.

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