Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 Scenarios

As a historian holding fast to a Biblical Worldview, I am examining current events with an eye towards what past experiences might be in the process of repeating themselves.  What can we expect to see in 2016?  Will the current occupier of the Whitehouse, Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) pull something to suspend the Constitution and forego the 2016 general elections.  Will he use the US military to crush heretofore law-abiding American citizens who hold to traditional values?  What do we know about his past behavior, which establishes a trend line projecting forward to what he might do if any of the following scenarios occur?  Remember, He wants to fundamentally transform the United States of America.  Into what – a socialist utopia like European nations?  Too many people in America do not know the evils inherent in socialism.  They’ve been taught a lie that socialism is the way of the progressive future for peace in the world.  Will BHO transform America into a third-world Hellhole?  Will darkness once again cover the earth?

Everyone knows BHO says one thing and does another.  His words and his deeds far from match.  This is the definition of a liar.  While a junior US Senator under the George W. Bush administration, he voted against increasing the national debt limit.  He called raising the limit immoral placing an undue burden upon our children and grandchildren.  Then, the limit was approximately $8 Trillion dollars.  BHO has more than doubled the limit.  It is trending to exceed $20 Trillion dollars by this time next year.  What makes and added $12 Trillion dollars moral?

With his campaign to pass Obamacare, BHO promised we could keep our health insurance plans and our doctors.  Starting in 2016, I will be on my third different plan with higher deductibles and co-payments, and less overall coverage.  It takes weeks longer to see my doctor for routine checkups and I’m now on my fourth primary care physician since the March 2010 law was signed, and a second female physician.  It is not that I’m prejudice towards women doctors, but I’ve had male doctors all my life until Obamacare became the law of the land.  I haven’t seen a male doctor in over five years and I doubt I’ll ever again.  Men are turning to engineering fields where they can earn salaries not capped by the government health care bureaucracy.

Another matter has to do with BHO’s sympathies for the Islamic worldview, including its current push for world domination.  His behavior proves he cares nothing about Western civilization and an apparent loathing for American entrepreneurship, ingenuity, and individual liberties.  Iran has violated the Obama agreement and fired rockets at our war ships steaming in the Persian Gulf.  The, “Snap-back sanctions,” have not snapped as agreement violations mount.  What if the $150 Billion dollars he released to Iran turns out to be the catalyst for an Iranian nuclear first strike against Europe, Israel, America or all three?  Would BHO use such a calamity launched by an apocalyptic Iran to remain in the Whitehouse?

What other economic time bombs are ticking?  There is one, which BHO created and bears his name.  Obamacare is sure to cause an economic collapse worse than the Savings & Loans failures of the 1970s, the DOT.COM bubble of the 1990s, and prime/subprime mortgage defaults of 2008.  Like those fraudulently, government propped up institutions of the past, the healthcare bubble is following the same economically destructive path.  Each past failure was worse than its predecessor.  The healthcare collapse will be the worst yet and may destroy, or fundamentally transform, the nation many of us swore and oath to protect.

First, the Federal government artificially props up Obamacare.  Like the bad mortgages that began manifesting in 2005, the government and other watchdog organizations either ignored the weaknesses or failed to report the truth.  I remember Congressman Barney Frank arguing with Bill O’Reilly that the housing marked was strong and that there was nothing wrong with the prime and subprime mortgages.  Congressman Frank was charged with the responsibility to oversee Fanny May and Freddie Mac quasi-government mortgage providers.  He lied to the American public, the taxpayers bailed out the banks, and he retired a wealthy man.  Barney Frank should be in jail along with his buddy corrupt bankers.  Instead, we are stuck with the Dodd/Frank law, which made the big banks too big to fail.  Consequently, the small community banks, which cannot afford the Dodd/Frank imposed administrative burdens, are going out of business.  Likewise, large health providers and pharmaceutical companies have the attorneys, accountants, and administrators to deal with thousands of new regulations imposed by Obamacare.  Private medical practices and the corner drug stores do not.  Expectedly, the small health providers are closing their doors and thousands are losing their jobs.

Now, the larger health providers are swamped with long lines of people needing care.  My wife and I stood in line for over an hour to receive our flu shots.  Colorado has already seen one exchange insurance provider go belly up.  Other states supportive of Obamacare are seeing similar failures.  Rising premiums and deductibles will cause people to drop out, pay tax fines, or disappear like they did with underwater mortgages.  If the government believes tax fines will make up the economic shortfalls when people quit paying taxes, they are sorely misguided.  Taxpayer defaults are inevitable and taxing the billionaires and millionaires will fail to provide adequate revenue to keep the economy humming.  Let’s examine a real case.  The monthly cost of a Gold 0/20 Plan is $1,543.19.  The taxpayer provided Government/State subsidy is $1,267.36 called an Advanced Premium Tax Credit or APTC.  The health care recipient’s monthly premium is $275.83.  The questions are who is paying the APTC amount each month?  From where does the government get the funds?  Is this part of the nation killing $20 Trillion debt?  Are the dollars coming from countries like, China, who wish to do us harm?

Comparing artificially propped up economic factors; prime and subprime mortgages caused a total global economic collapse when the defaults reached 8%.  Obamacare has created a healthcare bubble worse than the subprime mortgage fiascos, which lead to the economic collapse of 2008.  Obamacare is 16.666% of the nation’s economy.  When it defaults, the country’s economy will collapse again and it will be worse than what happened in 2008.  The government will not be able to prop this myth up too much longer.  American taxpayers will not be able to bail this out.  Other nations will refuse to help and blame fat Americans for the global economic maladies.  As before, no one is paying attention (not even FOX NEWS).  Worse, government agencies or watchdog organizations like S&P ignore or protect the propped up health industry.  Legitimate concerns are not investigated for economic weaknesses.  This collapse will set the stage for the evils inherent in socialism to surface.

Once BHO suspends the Constitution, he will confiscate all personal weapons.  He will press full throttle on a fast track to complete his fundamental transformation of the USA.  He will destroy all that America was including all that was good about her.  Gone will be our freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.  If he pushes to reduce America to a third-world Islamic Hellhole, keep in mind we infidels have limited options.  We can convert to Islam, forfeiting our life with Christ.  We can be reduced to slaves under Islam.  We can be a blood sacrifice for Islamic bloodthirsty killers (have our heads removed).  Or, we can fight.  As for my household and me, we will serve the Lord Jesus and fight to protect His gift of liberty.

I pray I’m wrong about what might happen in 2016.  But I have been watching BHO move steadily in this direction since he addressed the 2004 Democrat convention to nominate John Kerry.  His behavior is directing his movement toward these possible scenarios.  I suspect something dark will happen.  Thankfully, it will bring us one step closer to the return of Jesus to establish His Kingdom.

Thanks for reading.  If our LORD tarries and He permits, let the restoration of our Constitutional Republic begin for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

For further entertaining and educational reading regarding a past Constitutional crisis, I linked my Christian, Historical Fiction, Civil War series here: Destination Hope.

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Charles, as always , you have great insight. Please proofread this.