Tuesday, July 10, 2007

International Christian Retail Show

I just finished three long days at this year's International Christian Retail Show. It's hard work peddling one's book, Destination Hope - Separation, (http://pleasantword.com/) at a show of this magnitude.
But I met some very interesting people who love the Lord and want to serve Him. I recommend visiting Caleb Grimes site and picking up his book "Star Wars Jesus" (http://starwarsjesus.com/), Sandy Austin's site (http://restoringhopes.com/), Bob Fraley's (http://campaignsaveamerica.com/), David Lingner's (http://christianoutdoorsman.com/), one of my very favorite's if you are interested in the 1599 Geneva Bible - the one our Founding Fathers studied - the American Vision site (http://amercianvision.org/), and Misty McGlugritch at (http://hiswordsnotmine.com/).

I want to thank my Publisher, The WinePress Group (http://winepressgroup.com/) for their support, and Randi Olsen for her kind review of my book.
More to follow.

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