Monday, June 18, 2007


Since the release of the first book in my five book series, "Destination Hope," (, I have conducted three radio interviews. I've been asked on all three occasions, is America headed for a second civil war. My response is and will continue to be, we already are deep in it. The culture war is being waged against the pillar of our civil government, Biblical Christianity. Secular Progressives believe they will win this culture war because they are convinced Christians will tire of fighting the political fight. Our government has broken faith with the American people who are willing to suffer abuse under what has become a despotic ruler. How long will we allow irrelevant Washington, D.C. dictate to us their evil practices? Because our politicians (who we pay much and who do very little) hold up compromise as the panacea to solve all problems, it is only a matter of time before Islam overruns our nation. Followers of radical Islam are convinced they will physically dominate the world because the secular progressives can't and American Christians won't fight back. If you care about our nation, if American Heritage is important to you, if we will continue to stand with Israel, we must remove the do-nothing leadership of this nation. Will America survive? Will our Star Spangled Banner still wave? The elections of 2008 will be our last chance to stand for the uncompromising truth - only those who bow their knee to Jesus Christ can know true liberty.

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