Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Liberty & Justice - Not for Terri Schiavo

March 23, 2005:

Good morning! It’s only a matter of time. I wonder if there is anyone with courage enough to rescue Terri. I wonder where America is heading. I wonder if we are starving from moral compassion for human life?

Bible Study: Luke 23:26-32
What is the main point? In this passage Jesus gives one of His last prophecies. He knows He is about to die, so His words must be important. I think the “green tree” represents that moment in time when the presence of God was physically present with man. I wonder what evil man will do when God no longer restrains evil. I wonder if that foretold time is now.
What does God reveal about Himself? Jesus absorbs all the evil man musters. Even though it causes Him pain that would kill any normal human being, He endures and takes more. Even as He lets himself be abused, He extends His grace and mercy. I am grateful that He paid the price for my sin, because I would not have lasted five minutes under that extreme torture.
What insights into my life? Today, I learned that the Federal Appeals court ruled against Terri Schiavo’s parents. I don’t believe there is enough time for an appeal to the United States Supreme Court. I join with those who morn and lament Terri’s passing. Even in this, I am thankful that God will judge her case with His perfect wisdom, understanding, loving kindness, and righteousness.
How do I honor God with this information? I will submit to the rule of law and trust God that He knows what is best.
Where is God working today? Because I don’t understand, I pray that God will grant me understanding in His way, and timing. I pray that I can be useful for His purpose today, and not dwell on what might have been.

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