Sunday, March 27, 2005

He is Risen!

Good Easter Sunday Morning! Terri Schiavo is hanging on to life (See Blogs for Terri). Her family knows that they’ve done all that they can within the law. They can stand before Jesus (with Terri by His side) and know with confidence that this is true. I want to remember these events as the key epoch when the United States of America lost her glory and destroyed herself from within by immorality, not by any foreign power’s conquest.

March 27, 2005:
Bible Study: Psalm 49:1-20
What is the main point?
A resurrection prophesy is hidden in this passage. Verses 4, 9, and 15 connected together proclaim Messiah’s work in a few sentences. I am confident that the original writer did not realize within his laments of facing death that he also proclaimed what would happen one Sunday morning outside of Jerusalem. These few verses declare the One anointed by God to rise from the dead, save us, and grant all those who believe in Him eternal life.
What does God reveal about Himself? He shows that Messiah must be more than mere man because redemption is too costly for any man. However, Messiah must be a man to perish and rise again.
What insights into my life? I must remember that no man, wise or foolish, rich or poor, stately or humble, will enter the Kingdom of God except through Jesus. Jesus is the resurrection and the life!
How do I honor God with this information? This Easter Sunday Morning it is important to remember that Jesus’ resurrection is the separating fact from all other belief systems. Jesus is the One and only true Creator of the Universe. Even as I breath His air today, I want to exhale praise and adoration to Him who died and rose again to save my sinful life, even from myself.
Where is God working today? Millions of people that never attend church will do so today. I pray that they hear a message that causes them to think about their personal desperate need for Jesus to be their Savior.

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