Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Book Review - "Code of Silence"

Over a month ago, I finished reading Tim Shoemaker’s youth crime thriller, “Code of Silence,” published by Zondervan. I wanted to write this review right away and encourage others to read Tim’s novel. However, I had an impression from the Holy Spirit to wait. Do you ever get clear, but unexplainable spiritual stop signs along the road you walk with the LORD? It happens to me all the time. I kept wondering why? I just want to write a simple book review.
In full disclosure, I consider author and speaker, Tim Shoemaker, a dear friend, fellow author desiring to write stories that reach middle-school age children, and a brother-in-Christ. His terrific thriller, “Code of Silence,” will not only appeal to his target audience, but also it will entertain adults, and every reader will learn from the timeless truths Tim reveals.
When I woke up the other morning, I received a clear impression to examine the left’s behavior since November 8, 2016 and compare it to the characters Tim developed in his story. I waited a few more days for confirming observations. Clarity came. Beyond any doubt, the progressive/communist/statist leftist congressmen (Democrat and Republican), news media, entertainment world, and academic masterminds have forced the American people to swallow a big lie. In fact, the very thing they have falsely accused President Donald J. Trump and all who support him of doing, the exact opposite is true. They committed collusion with the Ukrainian government to boost HRC and bring down our president. They work around the clock to cover up their evil wrongdoings, like leaking classified information placing our national security in grave danger. I would not be surprised to learn that even Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller has been given express orders from deep-state leaders to make sure the truth never sees the light of day. Isn’t it strange that Mueller’s team of Democrat lawyers include one that worked for the Clinton Foundation and others who contributed to HRC’s campaign.
I took away from Tim Shoemaker’s, “Code of Silence,” an applicable lesson. As long as the lie remains covered up, life is lived in bondage. The left is doing all it can to rob God’s people of His gift of liberty. This is why people need to read this story and pray that God brings forth the truth. Moreover, we have an Almighty God who hears and answers prayer. He has a very big spot light to expose what the left believes they’ve hid in darkness.
Please pray with me to have Jesus reveal the big lie keeping the American people from knowing the truth.
Heavenly Father, in the powerful name of Jesus, expose the rebellious deep state’s own code of silence and big lie to turn hearts and minds against President Donald J. Trump. Give those who desire to destroy our Constitutional Republic with never ending, medaling and social-experimentation a revelation of Your existence. Bring them to repentance for manipulating people into belittling Your gift of Liberty. I ask that you give them one more chance to reject the false doctrine of progressivism, but if they do not, quickly and publicly, trap them in their lies and destroy them like You did to Pharaoh and his army. Never allow them to pretend to be public servants, again. Amen.

I encourage folks to read Tim Shoemaker’s, “Code of Silence,” and I believe you will see the left’s childish behavior, which only submission to Jesus and His governance can correct and mature. A commitment to manufactured lies keeps others enslaved in darkness. Lawlessness causes the nation to spend exhausting energy to protect the Progressive’s evil code of silence.

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