Monday, May 01, 2017

Strategic & Tactical Prayer Beyond the First 100 Days

It’s hard to believe President Trump’s first 100 days have passed and today is May Day, a day celebrated by Marxist/Communists.
For new readers of this blog, I attempt to analyze events from a Biblical Worldview perspective. Since my last post, we have witnessed a great divide manifest in our nation. It has split a deep and wide, unbridgeable chasm, between once united Americans, equal to or greater than that of the Antebellum era. Those under the driving influence of Satan and his minions perform deeds of darkness, beginning with lawlessness and anarchy, like the riots on university campuses to shut down all opposition points of view. These evil actions are self-evident and include but are not limited to: immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmities, strife, jealousy, outbursts of anger, disputes, dissentions, factions, deceptions, envying, drunkenness, and carousing. Examples of malicious behaviors abound from the congressional obstruction and judicial overreach, to defiant city mayors. Those who practice such things SHALL NOT inherit the Kingdom of God. I am willing to state, unless these people repent of their sinful offenses against a Holy God today, they may have sealed their fate for eternity. These practitioners are driving the dividing wedge into the heart of our republic. As a recognized expert on the American Civil War, it is my opinion another great internal conflict rapidly approaches. Unfortunately, it may require a nuclear attack from North Korea to unite the United States of America, again.
During this same period, it has been exciting to see Almighty God answer the fervent and effective prayers of millions of righteous men and women across the nation. One has been the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice, Neil Gorsuch on April 7, 2017. President Trump has made a few stumbles, but the too-many-to-list accomplishments far outweigh any harmless missteps. Regardless of what President Trump and his team have achieved, let us pray strategically and tactically for the survival of individual liberty, the life of our nation.

Praying strategically and tactically is a discipline any follower of Jesus can employ. In these posts, I’ve been praying for President Donald J. Trump and the health of our nation. But any child of the King can petition His Throne on any issue. The key is to be honest with God. For example, what do I want President Trump’s success to look like? I want Almighty God to use this man to restore our government’s operations on the basis of Constitutional principles and values. These principles and values are found in three documents: The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States, and The Bill of Rights. Protecting individual liberty is what is best for the common good. Placing the common good over individual liberty is soft tyranny, which always transforms into iron-fisted tyranny. Therefore, I pray strategically that God will use President Trump to lead this restoration process. To accomplish this mission, he will need God’s wisdom thus I ask for a double portion blessing of God’s wisdom upon President Donald J. Trump.
To implement this strategy, I pray tactically. For example, President Trump attempted to stop the ISIS fighters infiltrating our country under the guise of the refugee program. But activist judges, who demonstrate their know-it-all contempt for the Constitution, blocked his executive order. Now, President Trump must waste taxpayer funds to fight this matter in the SCOTUS. I’m praying that not only will he have success on this issue, but the SCOTUS will render a ruling that stops the judicial overreach of those Shadow Government employees who receive their unearned excessive salaries from taxpayer dollars. Maybe it’s time that appointed judges be term limited, too.
Regardless, I would count success going forward as reduced government spending including the removal of departments that have outlived their useful purpose, or never achieved their intended objectives. The Department of Education comes to mind on both counts. So, I pray tactically that God will expose the progressive, “Fifth Column,” domestically (including those entrenched in the Republican Party’s money leadership), and end the Islamic, “Trojan Horse,” invasion. More importantly, I ask the LORD to supernaturally uphold, protect, and guide the man God has appointed and anointed for such a time as this. If you agree, consider praying the following:
Heavenly Father, in the precious and powerful name of Your Son, Jesus, I ask that by Your Holy Spirit, You will expose, restrain and destroy the works of the shadow government of unaccountable bureaucrats. They believe they have control. They are attempting to demolish President Trump and his administration. Bring to justice government employees that would abuse the authority You granted them for a season. Please, LORD, frustrate, confuse, and cancel the plans of Satan placed in the hearts and minds of those who do not recognize and acknowledge Your governance. Father, please deliver us from the fundamental transformation of the United States of America from a Constitutional Republic into a godless, weak, democratic socialist state where the people become easy prey for the invasion and conquest of the Islamic world.
Father, I lift President, Donald J. Trump and his administration. Grant them Your divine safety and expose any attempts to cause them harm. Extend to our new leaders Your supernatural wisdom to confound those who think they are wise. Continue to help President Trump select leaders of impeccable moral character and courage. Commit them to uphold the Constitution, turn away from and push back the wicked, progressive transformation toward government dependence and godless socialism, and restore our Republic to moral excellence, honorable character, and civil order.
Encourage Your many followers of Jesus to walk through the door of opportunity You have opened. Our enemy is angry and will not stop in attempts to gain control of the entire world and remove God and His people from the Earth, but he will not succeed. Grant us boldness to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus and make disciples like never before in recorded history. This year, grant me the privilege, opportunity, and joy of leading someone to Your Holy and eternal salvation. Begin a sweeping revival and another Great Awakening that will move across America, expand to cover the earth, and prepare the bride of Christ for His return. Release Your army to advance the Kingdom of God, push back the forces of darkness, and bring uncountable souls to salvation before You bring about the close of this age. Let us move forward into the battle secure in the knowledge of Your unfailing love for Your children. The enemy will not be able to stop the movement of Your almighty hand.
And Father, I am grateful that the vast majority of those who attended the Correspondence Dinner and verbally raised their defiant fists against God’s anointed will never enter the Kingdom of God.

In the name of Jesus, I thank You, Heavenly Father.



Miss Kathy said...

Praying this with you, Charles! Reading these words made my heart soar with recognition as these truths are thd daily cry and groaning of my heart for our nation. Hope you make it to GPCWC. Love to connect and talk over these things in person again. Joy!

Bugmanrog said...

Right on target and am praying with you. May we copy and use this prayer?