Wednesday, January 25, 2017

January 20, 2017 Inauguration Eye Witness Report from a Jesus Follower’s Perspective

I apologize for this long post.  I’m taking a break from my, “Strategic Prayer,” posts to write my eye witness testimony of January 20, 2017.  However, this post will continue to admonish the Army of God to keep praying for the war is not yet won.  The main reason for this change, I want to share with my readers an account of a direct result from strategic prayer, I believe.  I will address events going to, during, and the aftermath of Donald J. Trump’s inauguration, becoming the 45th President of the United States of America.  I believe it is necessary to offer some perspective based on debriefing impressions and discussions with my wife, Mary, friends, and new friends.  Finally, to give proper glory to God, I must provide some backstory.

January 20th is Mary’s birthday.  She was born when Dwight D. Eisenhower took the oath of office and became our nation’s 34th President.  The day Donald J. Trump rode down his Trump Tower’s escalator to announce his presidential candidacy, Mary boarded the Trump train and never got off.  God has gifted Mary with spiritual discernment and insight.  She can detect a person’s motives, whether or not someone is genuine or disingenuous.  Once it is clear she is dealing with someone with impure motives, she will limit her discourse with that person.  Needless to say, she keeps me on the straight and narrow.  She often challenges my motives, exposing where or when I’ve strayed from the path of righteousness or ceased pursuing His holiness (moral excellence).  After six months of questioning Mary, several neighborhood-debate parties, and deep examination of all candidates, I finally came around to Mary’s reasoning and joined the Trump team.  I am so proud of my wife.  Mary is special.

With the November 8, 2016 election of Donald J. Trump, Mary and I looked forward to her next birthday with excited anticipation.  Like millions, we planned to watch President Trump’s inauguration on television.  Mary said, watching Mr. Trump become president would be the best birthday present.  Each year, I pray and seek God what I should do or give Mary for her special day.  Sometimes, He gives me a near immediate idea.  Other times, He opens my ears to listen to her better and the direction comes in bits of information over many discussion topics.  This year, I got nothing.  Following the LORD is not easy when He chooses to be silent on a matter.  The only answer I got was not an auditable one, but it seemed like, trust Me and wait.

Mary and I had been praying for the inauguration and we asked and believed God would use it to signal the beginning of a great revival in America.  We discussed how exciting it would be to attend the event.  After all, Donald J. Trump will be our 45th President, this would be the 45th time we’d commemorate her birthday, together, and this year we will celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary.  We came up with lots of other reasons, but without Congressionally sponsored tickets, we couldn’t get onto the Capitol Hill grounds.  Thus, we resolved to stay home.  However, I kept praying and asking, “Father, I really want to do something special for Mary.  But what?”  Again, I received the same answer, trust Me and wait.

As I’ve written in my earlier posts regarding strategic prayer (linked here: # 1, # 2, # 3, and #4), those called to fight in the Army of God must obey orders.  Our LORD is the Commander of the Hosts.  As a student of war, the best battlefield generals do not disclose their plans to subordinates until the proper time.  A good soldier is willing to trust and wait.

On Friday, January 13, 2017 we had an appointment scheduled.  After that we planned to have lunch and go see the Patriots Day movie (excellent on many levels).  On our way home, I probed regarding Mary’s birthday wishes and I got the typical response, “I can’t think of anything,” which means, “You better out do yourself, mister,” (I’m joking of course).

When we got home, there was a voice message notice on our telephone (yes, we still use a landline).  Since messages are never for me, I let Mary pick up the message and I went upstairs.  Then, I heard, “Honey, come down here.  Hurry,” which means, “Boy, you’re in trouble,” (again, I’m joking).  Much to my pleasant surprise, Mary was smiling, holding the phone and demanding, “You’ve got to hear this.”  For those who don’t know Mary, she means what she says and says what she means.  She doesn’t play games and she is a straight shooter (with a gun, too).  She replayed the message.  The person leaving the message was a co-worker and is a fellow Believer.  We share a similar biblical worldview.  He said, “I have two extra tickets to the inauguration from our US Senator.  They’re on the Capitol grounds.  They’re yours if you want them.  Call me, tonight.”  One look at Mary’s face and I believed this was the answer to my prayers, something she really wanted, was beyond my reach to provide, and yet that something special for her.

I-70 East 5 PM 1/17/17
Colorado-Kansas Line
Okay, that’s the backstory.  We had to move fast.  Airfares were too expensive and hotels were hard to find, but God provided.  We decided to drive.  Mary arranged to leave her work at Colorado Christian University (CCU) early on Tuesday, January 17th.  By 5 PM, we left Colorado.  The first night, we made it to Salina, Kansas.  The next day, we made it to Columbus, Ohio.  We arrived in Alexandria, Virginia at 3:30 PM on Thursday.  We met our friends who picked up the tickets from the Senate office earlier that day.  We discussed Friday’s plans and what to do in the event terrorists attacked the massive soft target despite the concentrated security presence, or if we simply became separated, accidentally.

Lily Likes Hotel 1/19/17
The next morning, Mary’s birthday and the inauguration, we woke, got dressed, ate a quick breakfast, drove to the subway station and boarded the train for Washington, D.C.  We were surrounded by hundreds of new friends supporting Donald J. Trump.  The numbers increased with each station stop.  By the time we reached our final destination and the Washington, surface, we were encircled by a sea of people moving like a slow, determined wave toward Capitol Hill.  Everyone walked to their respective security screening areas on the north side of the mall.  As far as we could see, the same occurred on the south side.

Tickets required everyone to enter at designated locations.  However, angry and vulgar, harm threatening, non-peaceful protesters blocked the entrance to our first Blue Ticket Screening Area.  They shouted hate-filled words against President, Donald J. Trump, America, us standing in line, and Israel.  I fear they have brought God’s curse upon themselves.  We watched a woman (I think) wearing a funny looking pink knitted hat and long sleeve pink shirt confront the Capitol Police.  All security force members in this location wore full body armor, held riot control shields and batons, and were well armed.  I wondered if she left her brains at her liberal arts, institution of higher indoctrination.  How stupid does one have to be to get in the face on someone who can ruin your day.  I respected the restraint demonstrated by the security force.  Anyway, the protesters were eventually dispersed, and we walked through the first security station verifying that we were legitimate ticket holders.  The second security station operated like an airport’s, with metal detectors.  We made it through and walked to our designated area on Capitol Hill.
We stood in that space for over four hours before the inauguration and for some time after the event finished (A video I shot is linked here: ).

There were a few negative moments.  When Bill and Hillary walked down the steps to their designated seats, the crowd booed.  When Chuck Schumer spoke, the crowd booed again.  That was too bad, because I’m very familiar with the letter by Major Sullivan Ballou written to his wife Sarah before he died in the American Civil War Battle, First Bull Run.  Unfortunately, or possibly by design, I know Chuck left out some key points that are worthy of reading.  I linked the full letter and its historical context here:  Finally, when the former occupiers of the White House flew away on a Marine helicopter, the crowd began to sing, “Nah, nah, nah, nah, hey, hey, good-bye.”  I wish these things didn’t happen, but I understand.  As our friends said, “We witnessed the great end of an error.”

As I stated earlier, we believe God called members of His Army to witness the beginning of a great revival in America.  With each prayer offered by His Eminence Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York, Reverend Dr. Samuel Rodriguez, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, Pastor Paula White-Cain, New Destiny Christian Center, Rabbi Marvin Hier, Simon Wiesenthal Center, Reverend Franklin Graham, Samaritan’s Purse and The Billy Graham Evangelism Association, and Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, Great Faith Ministries International, the powerful presence of the Holy One, Messiah of Israel, Jesus, the Creator of the Universe grew stronger.  The sound of those praying around us grew louder and more focused.  The agreement, “AMENs,” were shouted.  Mary and I believe we stood in the midst of something Holy.  The media, not even FOX NEWS, would ever report this, but this is the truth.  As Franklin Graham said many times before, Almighty God showed up to bless President Donald John Trump, and we were blessed to witness it.

When we were dismissed, we were directed by the security personnel toward the Union Station and away from the starting point of the parade route.  We worked our way west on, “E,” street and eventually decided that we would return to our hotel instead of wait another three hours for the parade.  We were exhausted and if we were going to be up for meeting with our friends and dinner, we needed a nap.  When we reached the hotel, we watched the parade on television and saw where protesters damaged property and a vehicle.  Mary was glad we made the trip regardless of the lawlessness of a radical few.

That night at dinner, we discussed the day with our friends.  They had arrived at the security gate at 4:30 AM and were the among the first 30-to-50 through their security gate.  They did not encounter any protesters (another indicator that protesters are sunshine activists, only).  However, when we left the restaurant, we noticed the street filling with more of those pink hat women.  We learned they were part of Saturday’s, “Women’s March,” which excluded any women who held a Pro-Life, Anti-abortion, worldview.  Only progressive women were permitted to participate (discrimination).  When we got back to our hotel, the lobby was filled with these women making signs for their march.  The language used was so unkind, I will not describe it, but just say, it was vulgar language more fitting to what one would hear in a Navy battleship’s engine room.  We knew we would leave for Colorado early in the morning, but seeing these lawless radicals spurred us to hurry.

That night, I slept more soundly than I can remember.  Something evil had been lifted off the shoulders of true Americans.  However, the demonic forces controlling George Soros and arrayed within the Democrat Party and all of its sublevels, such as, the Pink Hats, Black Lives Matter, and La Raza, will resist and attack righteousness and Godliness at every turn.  Therefore, Mary stated during our 24-hour drive home, we need to continue to pray for the Army of God to rise up and pray, unceasingly.  We need to pray for President Donald J. Trump, his family, his staff and all those who are his direct reports.  She emphasized that we need to take spiritual authority over the demonic manifestations coming out of an elderly singer like, Madonna, and a has-been actress, like Ashley Judd and their blind followers who trashed our nation’s capital, a stark contrast to the supporters of the inauguration.

On a final note, Mary and I were surrounded by praying Christians during the inauguration.  We saw and heard the name of Jesus being lifted up.  Jesus has been invited to be intimately involved in the governance of our nation.  Jesus is once again LORD over America and only He will make her safe, strong, prosperous, and great again.

Uncountable millions of Jesus followers who support President Trump all cannot be deceived and wrong in our belief God has appointed him for such a time as this.  For those who hold to a different opinion or secular worldview, I challenge you to read the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and the Book of Romans, Chapter 13, and consider, for once, that you might be wrong and that you need to repent of your rebellion against a Holy God who loves you and is calling you to forsake your wickedness.

We who follow Jesus must reject the demonic left’s attempts to tempt us into compromise.  Watch and reject words like, “Be reasonable,” “Don’t rush decisions,” and “We need more time.”  Now is the time for action.  Almighty God has opened a door of opportunity for us and we must attack, take and hold ground, and occupy the enemy’s strongholds until Jesus returns or He calls us home.  We must advance the Kingdom of God on all fronts.  NO COMPROMISE – LET THE REVIVAL BEGIN!

With that, I offer another prayer.  Heavenly Father, in the powerful name of Jesus, I pray strategically that You, Almighty God, destroy the speculations of the progressive worldview and its followers.  I ask that You, LORD Jesus, pull down every lofty thing that has raised up against the knowledge of God.  I ask that You, my King, move by Your Holy Spirit across this nation and instill in the hearts and minds of the American people a healthy fear of who You are.  And, that You would inspire Your people to rise up and fight the good fight of faith.  I ask that You expose and rebuke the corruption that exists in all of our institutions such as: religious, the media, academia, entertainment, business, industry, and all levels of government.  Father, I ask You to do these things so that the world will know that You are a just and Holy God who rules and reigns over all.  You deserve our respect, love, and obedience.

On a tactical level, LORD Jesus, I ask You to uphold Your chosen vessel, President Donald J. Trump, his staff, and all of their family members with Your righteous right hand.  President Trump has demonstrated that he has chosen to join Your side regarding matters of life and Your gift of liberty.  I ask boldly in the name of JESUS, Your Dear Son, Father, please grant President Trump and his staff strength and courage to act in accordance with their regenerated conscience.  I pray that President Trump and his staff will choose to serve and obey You first each new day, and the will of the people second.  Father, please deliver the demonic left from the evil bondage of progressivism.  Only You are able to encourage them to repent of their wicked ways.  Only You, LORD Jesus can save them and set them free from sin for eternity and for the glory of God.

In the name of Jesus, I thank You, Heavenly Father.


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By the way, I will be speaking on Strategic and Tactical prayer at this years Colorado Christian Writers' Conference.

Thanks for reading and praying.


Miss Kathy said...

Loved this post, Charles! I've been keeping close watch of everything related to this election and our new President since last June and knew by July that he was God's chosen vessel for such a time as this. Joining you in strategic prayer. I hope you will be at GPCWC again this year and present your teaching. So vital. I must say, I was very disappointed in many Christians I have great respect for who scoffed at Mr. Trump and naysayed him throughout. I was heartbroken. I pray that Christians get off the sidelines and march through the doors God is opening through our President. There is no place for indifference. The nation has been in disarray because the church pulled away from stewarding substantial influence in the political, media, entertainment, business, academic, and industry arenas. It is through those vehicles that minds and hearts are molded. No wonder you saw so many pink hats! I'm taking refresher courses through the Foundation for American Christian Education and moving forth in my writing to reach out and empower parents and families as the primary educator in their child's lives. I have a passion to equip homeschool parents with foundational tools to take the reins of their children's academic training. If the school choice opportunities open up like I think they will, the church must be ready to restore teaching and learning from a biblical worldview--and especially restore our American Christian history.

Blessings to you and Mary--happy birthday, too--and I hope to see you again this summer!

Kathryn Ross

Carol Zymroz said...

Charlie, I'm so proud of you and Mary! What an amazing journey God has for you. Your biblical view of the world today is inspiring! May God continue to bless you with insight and wisdom. The world is a better place because you two are in it! Love you bunches!