Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Remembering Pearl Harbor and Strategic/Tactical Prayer

As we remember Pearl Harbor Day, let us pray strategically and tactically to expose the progressive, “Fifth Column,” domestically, and end the Islamic, “Trojan Horse,” invasion.
Bombing Pearl Harbor
Heavenly Father, in the precious and powerful name of Jesus, Your dear Son, we ask that by Your Holy Spirit, You will restrain our current, outbound leaders and that they would cease abusing the authority You granted them for a season.  Please, LORD, frustrate, confuse, and cancel the plans of Satan placed in the hearts and minds of those who do not recognize and acknowledge Your governance. Father, please continue to deliver us from the fundamental transformation of the United States of America from a Constitutional Republic into a godless, weak, democratic socialist state where the people become easy prey for the invasion and conquest of the Islamic world.

Father, we lift up our new leaders beginning with President-elect, Donald J. Trump.  Grant them Your divine safety and expose any attempts to cause them harm.  Extend to our new leaders Your supernatural wisdom to confound those who think they are wise.  Continue to help him select leaders of impeccable moral courage and character.  Commit them to uphold the Constitution, turn away from and push back the wicked, progressive transformation toward government dependence and godless socialism, and restore our Republic to moral excellence, honorable character, and civil order.

Encourage us, Your many followers of Jesus, to walk through the door of opportunity You have opened.  Our enemy is angry and will not stop in their attempts to gain control of the entire world and remove God and His people from the Earth.  They will not succeed.  Grant us boldness to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus and make disciples like never before in recorded history.  Begin a sweeping revival and another Great Awakening that will move across America, expand to cover the earth, and prepare the bride of Christ for His return.  Release Your army to advance the Kingdom of God, push back the forces of darkness, and bring uncountable souls to salvation before You bring about the close of this age.  Let us move forward into the battle.  The enemy will not be able to stop the movement of His almighty hand.

In the name of Jesus, we thank You, Heavenly Father.


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