Sunday, September 06, 2015

"WAR ROOM" - Movie Review

My wife, Mary, and I went to see the movie, War Room.

The story revolves around the concept of spiritual warfare.  Most Christians fail to realize Jesus leads His followers into battle.  Worse, many church leaders are reluctant to provide their congregations basic military training.  Therefore, uncountable believers are not ready to fight the powers of darkness when they attack and render the Christian ineffective, or worse, disqualified for battle.  I do not know if the movie creators, Alex and Stephen Kendrick, intended to provide advanced spiritual warfare training to their target audience.  However, in roughly two hours viewers (and Jesus’ disciples who desire to serve Him) are introduced to and trained in operational, strategic and tactical spiritual warfare.

The main character, a nominal believer, began basic prayer training under the tutelage of an elderly woman who knew how to pray, earnestly and effectively.  The trainee engaged in battle, the salvation of her marriage.  She sees the physical manifestation of the unseen spiritual reality.  Her faith was put to a test, and in time she was found faithful, worthy of the title, Prayer Warrior.

This movie is a must see for Christians who are unaware or unsure of their calling to our King’s battle.  It is a great reminder for us battle-hardened veterans to stay in the fight.  We cannot grow weary in this harassing war between good and evil.

I linked an encouraging battle song “HE IS,” by Aaron Jeoffrey (I apologize for the accompanying add).

Thanks for reading.  If our LORD permits, let the restoration of our Constitutional Republic begin for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

For further entertaining and educational reading regarding a past Constitutional crisis, I linked my Christian, Historical Fiction, Civil War series here: Destination Hope. 

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Roger Pierce said...

Charlie, Thanks for posing this blog. We have not seen it yet but it is on our agenda for this week.