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Carly Fiorina, Presidential Candidate

Western Conservative Summit 2015 – Carly Fiorina, Presidential Candidate

In my last article, I promised a more detailed summary regarding two Presidential hopefuls: former Hewlett-Packard CEO, Carly Fiorina, and pediatric Neurosurgeon, Ben Carson, MD.  This post will address Carly Fiorina’s speech at the 2015 Western Conservative Summit (hereinafter referred to as, “Summit”).  As I write this piece, Ms. Fiorina has one percent of primary voters support.  Consequently, she will not be permitted to participate in the first national debate, which is a shame because America needs to her voice.  Recent news informs us of a Muslim in Chattanooga, Tennessee, who murdered four Marines and one Sailor.  The current occupier of the White House continues to refuse to acknowledge Islam’s war on all Americans.  He would rather demand that we accept his deal to help Iran build nuclear weapons and long-range ballistic delivery systems.  Carly Fiorina was the only presidential hopeful at the Summit to state a plan for dealing with the liar-in-chief’s deal.  She declared boldly she would make a phone call to the Ayatollah of Iran and tell him, “The new deal.”  At the same time, we now learn Planned Parenthood harvests and sells body parts of aborted babies.  Dr. Ben Carson has saved the lives of thousands of children and babies.  If the Republican Party had any sense, which they’ve proven for decades they don’t, they would make Dr. Carson and Ms. Fiorina the presidential ticket for 2016 today and send the rest of the circus acts home.

But this is about Carly Fiorina’s speech (Carly Fiorina).  During her presentation, she covered more issues in the short, allotted time (20 minutes) with greater clarity than any of the other presidential contenders.  If you do not have time to watch her full address (linked here: #WCS15 Carly Speech), I summarized a few key points below.

  • Her core worldview: All people have God given gifts – True Leadership challenges the status quo and unlocks the God given potential in others.
  • Conservatives Believe: All people have value in the eyes of God; none of us are better than any other and conservative values do a much better job of lifting all people up.
  • Progressives Believe (their behavior reveals): Some people are smarter than others, some are better than others, and some should decide for others.
  • America has reached a pivotal point: Too many peoples’ potentials are being crushed by the weight of government.  A recent FOX News poll revealed that 82% of Americans (across the political spectrum) believe that a political class exists in America that is only concerned with preserving their self-interests rather than serving the nation.
  • Israel: Make it 100% clear we stand with Israel.
  • Iran: Until every facility is open 100% of the time to unfettered inspections, we will make it impossible for Iran to move their money and influence around the world.
  • Putin: Say nothing to him but rebuild the 6th fleet and re-deploy our European missile defense systems.
  • How to combat ISIS: Ask our Middle Eastern allies what do they need to fight and defeat ISIS?

After her prepared remarks, Carly Fiorina sat down with Byron York for a question and answer (Q&A) Session (11 Minutes).  Byron York asked her the same four questions he asked of all candidates who spoke at the Summit.  His questions and her answers are as follows:
  1. SCOTUS Homosexual Marriage Decision: It was wrong for them to hear the case.  By ruling on this issue they have stifled all further discussion (free speech) regarding the matter.  The dialogue must continue – not gagged.
  2. Economy: Crony Capitalism only serves big and bigger government and big and bigger businesses.  The small businesses across our nation are being crushed under the weight of confusing tax codes and strangled by oppressive regulations.  For example, Obama Care is causing the big medical and pharmaceutical companies and hospitals to consolidate and grow even larger.  The smaller organizations are going out of business.  The same is happening to our financial institutions under Dodd/Frank.  These big and bigger organizations have become not only too big to fail but too big to jail.
  3. How to win the election:  We have to talk to everyone.  Our language matters, our tone matters, and we must speak with empathy.  We must show that we care.
  4. A touchy point from the candidates past record (as CEO of HP): Tough times require tough decisions.  She said the hardest decision is to fire or lay someone off.  I disagree.  The hardest decision is to send men and women into battle knowing that a good percentage of them will make the ultimate sacrifice and give their lives for their country.

I want to interject one side comment.  Mary and I happened to sit next to a table filled with liberal news agency reporters (one from England).  Throughout Mike Huckabee’s presentation, they wrote their respective notes, scowled and never applauded.  I assume they felt defiled surrounded by Conservatives.  During Carly’s speech, she said that she had been asked if her female hormones might affect her judgment if she were president.  She asked the women in the audience, “Ladies, here’s a test.  How many men do you know whose judgment has been clouded by their hormones – including someone in the oval office?”  The entire audience erupted with thigh-slapping laughter and stood to applaud.  Even the scornful liberals laughed at this comment.  When she gave her answer to question 3 above, we could hear some of them saying they agreed with Carly’s point.  At the conclusion of her speech and again after the Q&A session, the crowd of more than 4,000 jumped to their feet and gave Carly Fiorina a standing ovation.  We watched our contemptuous liberal news members rise to their feet and applaud, too.  Many shouted to their fellows how much they liked Carly.  If she can win the hearts and minds of these highly committed, well-heeled ideologues, just think how well she could reach real thinking Americans.  This is why she should be part of the August 6, 2015 national debate on FOX.

Later, we had a short personal visit with Carly.  Mary played a harmless practical joke on her and she took it with good humor.  Then, she laughed out loud once she got the joke.  When we explained the liberal press member’s response to her hormone comment, we laughed together. Then, we encouraged her to press on with her campaign.  I recommend primary voters read Carly Fiorina’s personal story, “Rising to the Challenge,” and learn more about her.  You will gain greater personal insight into the depth of this remarkable woman who deserves to be heard in her bid for our nation’s highest office.  She can win and here’s why.

As I stated in my previous post, I haven’t been excited about a Republican contender since Ronald Reagan, she is the real deal, and she is a legitimate Presidential Candidate.  Carly is ready, willing and able to confront the political class queen, Hillary Clinton (The Queen, by Hugh Hewitt), on any day, under any condition, in any forum.  She is the only GOP candidate who can fight her majesty in an even contest.  All the men are prejudicially stamped with the scarlet, “Sexist,” label on their foreheads.  After eight years of deliberate dithering, we need a solutions and results oriented leader who can fix, heal, and fight for our One Nation Under God, with liberty and justice for all.

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