Sunday, October 13, 2013

Is The President Corrupt?

Is Barack Hussein Obama the most corrupt president in the history of the United States?  In my lifetime, I’ve never feared what a president might do to American citizens.  By comparison, he makes Richard Nixon look like an angel of mercy.  When the media exposed Nixon’s Watergate involvement, the former executive accused of covering up criminal actions and abusing presidential power had the decency to resign from office and do no additional harm to the American people.  The current dictator-in-chief ordered closed our national parks, projects blame on others for his failed leadership, and accuses any who oppose him for closing government offices, which are under his direct control.  His propaganda team – the American press – covers up for him.  They tell the American public he is doing nothing wrong.  They declare him, “Innocent,” as a new-born baby.  When truth dies, corruption prevails.

I have often wondered how a people who represent, “Liberty,” to the rest of the world, can remain a beacon of freedom if we do not know that almost all of the Federal government departments report directly to the White House.  His propagandists complain about a government shutdown.  How is this possible when 75% of all Federal employees continue to perform their, “Essential,” functions?  At worst, this is a slowdown.  At best, we have learned we can survive without the manipulating Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the business stifling Department of Commerce, or the anti-America indoctrinating Department of Education.

Yet, to prevent American citizens from visiting our World War II memorial (and hundreds of other places he wants barred), he found available funds to erect barricades and deploy more armed guards than he allowed our consulate in Benghazi.  Why doesn’t the press ask why?  What are his motives?  What can we learn from his behavior over the last five years?

I offer some examples.  He has demonstrated consistent:
  • Vengefulness against all who dare criticize him,
  • Distain for our Constitution and the rule of law (unless it is his beloved, “Un” Affordable Care Act (ACA)),
  • Projected blame against others for his repeated failures (again ACA),
  • Rejection of personal responsibility for any wrongdoing, and
  • Preeminence – like some kind of god (or devil).
As all tyrants, he now demonstrates a willingness to use the Federal government’s might to physically suppress and possibly attack his opponents.  Will he unleash his leaching wrath against objecting American taxpayers?  He has nudged, prodded, and poked us to provoke a violent response so he can crush it.  Now, he is shoving, or barring us.  Next, will he shoot us?  One thing is true regarding all recorded history – sooner or later tyrants turn on their own people.

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