Saturday, August 10, 2013

Will Cynicism Kill Me?

In church the other night, I heard a clear word from my Lord, Jesus.  He stated, “Stop your cynical attitude.  It is wearing you out.”

I believe it is killing me, eating away at my spiritual strength like a malignant cancer.  It is destroying my trust in God.  It is tainting my relationship with my Savior.  It is robbing me of His peace and drowning His joy.  Jesus is not a corrupt politician who exchanges favors for votes.  Jesus is the King of Universe.  He is 100% trustworthy.  If ever I faced a moment when I needed to come to a place of deep and true repentance for possessing an attitude grieving to His Holy Spirit, it is now.

Sin makes me stupid – of this I am certain.  Providing a safe harbor for a cynical attitude is like committing high treason against God’s Holy Spirit who dwells in me.  I choose to cast this evil attitude out of my life and banish it from my thinking.  Cynicism puffed up my pride keeping me from praying fervently for the leadership of my nation.  Worse, I never thought to pray for the leadership of Israel – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  I held the cynical attitude thinking he’s not an authority over my country, over my life.  He’s Israel’s problem – not mine.

Then, God’s Holy Spirit revealed that this one man is wrestling with decisions right now that will impact the entire world.  If ever I need to pray that he will get on his knees before Almighty God, seek His face, and beg Him to impart wise direction, it is now.  Dangers surround his country and they grow stronger each day.  He cannot ignore these – He cannot allow the Islamic world to incinerate his people.  Will you, my readers, join with me in prayer asking the King of Israel – Jesus of Nazareth – to reveal His direction for Israel to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu?

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