Monday, January 09, 2012

GOP Presidential Race - An Opinion

On January 4, 2012 I learned that former Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney won the Iowa Caucus and former Pennsylvania US Senator, Rick Santorum came in second place. US Representative, Michele Bachmann, "Stepped aside," and Texas Governor, Rick Perry, after a day of prayer and contemplation, decided to make a last stand in the January 21, 2012 South Carolina primary. In my opinion, Governor Perry should drop out and lend his support to one of the other candidates. However, South Carolina could provide him a boost to continue if he does well with those voters. Regardless, I hope a clear front-runner emerges because the Republican Party needs to concentrate on message over personality. Unfortunately, Jon Caldera, a local Denver, Colorado radio host, says, "There is nothing the Republican Party can't screw up." I'm afraid he has foretold the election's future.

Back in August, my opinion of the candidates and order of preference was: 1. Herman Cain, 2. Rick Santorum, 3. Newt Gingrich, 4. Michele Backmann, 5. Rick Perry, 6. Mitt Romney, 7. Ron Paul, and 8. Jon Huntsman. Since then, we can scratch # 1 and # 4. Because the cult-leader, Ron Paul demonstrates anti-Semitic and anti-Israel tendencies, I cannot support him no matter how correct he might be on Constitutional issues. I don't want to be hung on a meat hook and I'm afraid I might end up stuck on one if Ron Paul became the next dictator, so I pray he does not ascend further in this campaign. Worse, Representative Paul doesn't seem to recognize the Islamic, Communist, Fascist, and organized criminal threats that want to remove America from the world. I think he would wait until an American city smoldered and radiated before he would recognize the problem. Even though Jon Huntsman seems like a capable leader, I'm afraid he's too chummy with China. I think he forgets they want to do us harm. So, it seems all we have left to vet are the current progressive front-runner, Mitt Romney, second place, Rick Santorum, third, Newt Gingrich and last, Rick Perry.

As a Creator-respecting, Liberty-loving, Constitutional Conservative, I am looking for the candidate who will fight for the Constitution. The current usurper-in-chief seems to enjoy shredding it. It appears to me he has lit the afterburners in a full-scale assault to strafe our Constitutional Republic and subject America to the United Nations.

We have a unique gift from God - a right and responsibility to vote for our government representatives at all levels. Regardless of what the corrupted-culture preaches, we have a religious basis for our nation's foundation. This basis is comprised of four pillars build upon one bedrock truth - there is a Creator. The first principle pillar is our Creator grants us inalienable rights - not government. To avoid tyrannical control, our Creator gave us the second pillar, His moral law to assist us govern ourselves. The age-old question we face - can man govern himself? It is my opinion the answer is yes, qualified by this tenant - only by God's divine guidance. Our founders tightly coupled the third and fourth pillars. A legitimate government exists to protect the rights our Creator bestowed, and inherently-evil government gains its legitimacy by the consent of the governed -


We, the citizens of the United States, have forgotten that our exceptional nation is the only one on the planet founded on the self-evident Truth that all men are created equal. Unfortunately, many treat this priceless gift from The Almighty as if it were no more valuable then the pen I used to write this article - a mere common commodity like toilet paper, which can be discarded today for in two or more years I'll have a fresh one to use. The mindset that we will always have the right to vote is a fallacy - it can be removed, which is happening in Italy. It appears to me, the current illegitimate administration operates without the consent of the governed. However, he has the unquestioning approval from the ruling-class elites, mindless media, and idiotic popular culture icons. He and his cronies are working feverishly to steal our precious gift from God.

This brings me back to the candidates. I've discussed the current condition with family, friends and fellowship members. I've reached a conclusion - among Liberty Groups (Tea Parties, 9-12 Projects, fellow believers, etc.), there is an abundance of confusion. Those who know me and read my work know I have a well-defined Biblical World View. Thus, I will apply a few scriptures for the article. First, "For where envying and strife [is]," like class warfare occupiers of poor hygiene, "there [is] confusion and every evil work." (James 3:16, KJV). I don't know any other way to combat evil works except for putting on the whole armor of God as described in Ephesians 6:10-18, and petitioning for divine guidance. After all, if Jesus withdrew from the clamor of His day to pray and seek His Father's direction, maybe mere mortals should try it.

I believe Benjamin Franklin described our duty as Americans before an Almighty God well in a letter he wrote to Joseph Huey (June 6, 1753). I'm paraphrasing what he wrote, that there is a God who deserves our worship and the best way to serve Him is to serve His children and treat them with kindness. With this background, I would like to suggest praying for wisdom to select any governing official by applying the first principles above the founders used to establish this nation and these five values, which I find easy to remember:

  1. Leadership - George Washington practiced bowing his knee before The Creator. The leader of the United States of America doesn't bow below Islam, Communist dictators, or royal tyrants, but he must serve and protect the American body politic.

  2. Justice - Not popular Social Justice, but Equal Justice under the Law, which protects from government's abuse of power. At the same time, it protects our opportunity to pursue happiness and doesn't attempt to guarantee happiness through redistribution of wealth by taxation (legalized theft).

  3. Morals - I'm looking for someone who demonstrates consistent moral character - not a, "Character," like the current occupier of the White House who consistently acts like a court jester for his puppet master - the father of lies.

  4. Family - Promoting a healthy, balanced marriage (one man & one woman) is the cornerstone, upon which America built the strongest, morally sound, and least corrupt society, in the history of mankind. If the family unit crumbles, which popular culture seeks, the nation falls thereafter. And finally,

  5. Life - If it is not protected at all phases, the dehumanization of any undesirable class (like the 1%), race (such as the Jews), or station (as the unborn, terminally ill, or elderly) will be subject to elimination by the iron fist of government.

I am looking for in a leader who promotes justice, demonstrates moral character, upholds the family and protects life. I want a candidate to declare it is time for us to bring our troops home. I am not an isolationist, because it is unrealistic. Yet I ask, do we have a clear mission to accomplish in the wars we are fighting? It seems our current liar-in-chief is intentionally weakening our nation while Iran seeks to destroy America, which calls our nation the great Satan. Can someone explain to me why we protect the border between North and South Korea, and the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, yet we fail to protect our national boundaries?

In addition, I want a candidate who will put all entitlements on the table, including sacred Social Security. The Constitution does not require the Federal Government to be the great benevolent provider - it cannot no matter how much the government steals from American taxpayers. This is not a fairness issue; it is how much theft will, we the people, allow. Obama Senior wrote in his economic thesis he believed it would be okay for a government to tax its populace 100% of their earnings so long as the government provided services were commensurate with the taking. How are agencies such as the EPA, DOE, and DHS performing? If they worked for me (oh wait - they do), I would fire all of them for failing to meet their stated objectives. For example, President Carter sold us the DOE in 1973. Their stated mission: Free America from foreign oil dependency. Thirty-nine years later, are we more or less dependent? And the hater of prosperity-in-chief won't allow us to drill, extract, refine, or distribute our own resources. He rejected the opportunity to build a pipeline, which would have put thousands to work. We should ignore him and his environment-Nazi friends and build it anyway.

As we grow more dependent on government, we should recall that throughout history, every benevolent government eventually turns hostile on its own citizens, even if it is only a small segment of its population - a scapegoat for blaming society's ills. Americans have traded liberty for security. Now, we deserve neither. Apparently, the current administration (and its state-controlled media) considers anyone like me, my family members, friends and many associates, a public enemy because I refuse to break faith with the founding principles, which formed our nation's Constitution. I hope I have the courage to stand up like Patrick Henry and declare, "Give me liberty or give me death."

Finally, I long for a candidate who will tell this nation the truth. It needs to repent and turn to the Lord, begging Him to lead us in a revival of faith, freedom, and personal responsibility. As a historian, unless we entreat God's intervention, we are doomed to follow the path of all previous empires - all fall and become enslaved by the next conqueror in line - possibly Russia, likely China, but most probably the rioting, radical, saber rattling, Islamic nation. Regardless, liberty as we know it will cease to exist and a slaughter will ensue to make sure the sheep comply with the new masters.

Well, as of January 4, 2012, we are left with a six-ring, GOP circus. Who knows what we are going to be stuck with - certainly no one who will fit any of my unreasonable and unrealistic criteria. Since I doubt anyone will lead our body politic to humble ourselves before God, I pray for a revival at the individual level because unless we repent and turn to the Lord, America will be no more. Oh, the land will be here, and we will be subjects of something, but never again citizens of the land of the free and home of the brave. As I watch the continuing debates, I pray I will remember to keep these fundamental and foundational principles and values in mind. Guided by His Holy Spirit, maybe He will let me share His answer in my next post.

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