Thursday, January 13, 2011

Immigration Debate

Last night, my wife, Mary, and I attended Colorado Christian University's, Centennial Institute's immigration debate. The subject matter revolved around the question, "What approach is civically and morally best for Colorado and the USA - Restrict, Relax, or Rethink immigration? The panelists were Freshman Colorado State Senator, Lucia Guzman, Ms. Helen Krieble of the Krieble Foundation, Rosemary Jenks of Numbers USA, and Former Colorado State Senator, David Schultheis.

In general, we found the event educational. I admit, we went with our preconceived notions about the issue; however, we wanted to give the other side an opportunity to present their ideas - wh we should no longer deem illegal immigrants, "Illegal."

In summary, the proponent of, "Relaxed Immigration Policies," failed to present a convincing argument. In my opinion, I view our country as I view my home. In deference to the self-proclaimed intellects, I realize this is a simplistic analogy, but obviously, I think it can be sustained.

The people who live in my house, or have free access to it, have a right and/or privilege to do so because: 1) Mary and I own the house (with the mortgage company), and 2) those that have access are either family members or close, proven and trustworthy friends - their allegiance to our household is never in question.

The folks who know me best, know that I hold fast to a well-defined, Biblical Worldview. Again, in my opinion, the debaters, regardless of their position, missed a fundamental, self-evident truth. Anyone who comes into my house uninvited, or does not have the owner's granted privilege, has entered illegally. Consequently, I have the God given right, and God demanded duty, to protect my wife, children, and friends against the invader. I am permitted by the State of Colorado to use deadly force, if necessary. Regarding the intruder, I do not care if he broke in to look for work, to clean my windows, shampoo my carpets, or bathe my dog. He failed to enter through the correct door, me or my wife, and I nor my wife have granted the privilege to sit on our couch, eat our food, or kidnap our children. Similarly, the illegal alien does not have a Government conferred right to American jobs, services, or welfare, while stealing US property, consuming US resources, or murdering US citizens.

I have asked myself and contemplated from where does the self-evident right of securing private property, or national boarders come? Yeshua, the Messiah, reveals an answer. I recommend an examination of the Gospel of John, Chapter 10. Notice His use of possessive ownership language. He declares Himself to be, "The Door." He labels all who do not come through Him as thieves and robbers. On the day we stand before Him, we will not be allowed to enter His Kingdom unless He has given us His Holy Seal, which proves our Heavenly citizenship.

To obtain His legal citizenship, He asks all people to follow a few simple entrance rules. All will reach His eternal border crossing. Illegal aliens will not be allowed entry, they will not be granted citizenship; even if all they want to do, are jobs His saints do not want to do.

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